Happy New Year to all of you! We the DEI Committee understand the challenges that plagued all of us in 2020 and we know as we embark on the New Year that we’re all trying to get back to what our definition of normal was prior to the pandemic. Our words of encouragement to all of you is this, hold on and keep on fighting.

This year we’ll be running an ongoing campaign in partnership with the Recruitment Committee’s “Roofing Is” campaign. For the DEI Committee “Roofing Is – #morethanjustalabel” and we’d like to hear from you. Our goal is to remove the labels placed on us based on our appearances. Share with us why you are #morethanjustalabel.

We’re accepting videos, voice notes, emails, texts or any form of communication. Send us a picture of yourself or video and tell us who you are and why you are #morethanjustalabel. Click here to upload your files and look out for your story to be shared across our social media platforms. Let us know if you need help uploading your content. Feel free to reach out to Jess (jcress@bonedryroofing.net) or Rae (rae@chinookroofing.com) if you have any questions. We look forward to learning more about you and why you are #morethanjustalabel.