You would think that by the year 2021 people would, for the most part, be used to seeing a woman up on the roof. I have been roofing now for 11 years and it just never gets old. I find it rather humorous.

I have been on top of an apartment building complex and heard everything from “look mom, it’s spider woman!!” to “Lady I paid my electric bill”, to “are you CRAZY or SOMETHING ??” My favorite though was defiantly when I saw a man pull his BBQ pit out and a lawn chair as he sat down and said, “I heard there was a woman climbing around up on the roof and I HAD TO come SEE FOR MYSELF!!”

When I started spraying foam, I was working with crews on commercial, new construction job sites and would get met with mostly skepticism. That is until they worked with me. I was the first woman foreman for Walton Roofing. I then worked for Mike Hamilton Consultants where I was the inspector on New Construction job sites and had to break the stereotype of women in construction. I not only had known how to apply, install, and repair most roofing systems, I was learning building code and reading blueprints. I am not trying to toot my own horn by any means. I just love Science (ASA- Associate of Applied Science degree) I also love to work out and I love the outdoors. (Good thing because it got to 120 degrees sometimes on the roof in the summers here in Houston.) These days I am using all the knowledge I gained and experiences I’ve had for my job I have today.

I am an independent damage appraiser. I evaluate and estimate property damages for insurance appraisals. I am constantly underestimated, which works as an advantage for me. If they don’t think I know what I am doing, they are not prepared to go up against me in an umpire meeting where I get my clients a substantial amount of money for their insurance claim where it is usually denied. So, label me all you want. But at the end of the day, I am………