NWIR members have BIG hearts and are focused across the country on service in their communities’ supporting women, girls & their families! Every day during the month of November we’ll be sharing those stories catching our members DOING GOOD!

The Community Service Committee focused much of their time this year gathering these stories…and we ALWAYS want more…from individual members, their companies, your councils. Special shout outs go to Kathy Schoch, Hayley Bohmer, Dawn Holsinger, Mikell Bolinger, Genesis Diaz, Jennifer Trapane & Susan DeGrassi for their contributions all year!

Here is one story from Colorado:
On September 29th a group of Johns Manville employees from various divisions and positions volunteered to help with the annual TCG (Transportation & Construction Girls) event held in Golden, Colorado. Volunteerism is included in JM’s sustainability goals because we want to deliver positive JM Experiences where we live and work.

Around 600 elementary and high school young women from various schools had a chance to work with interactive exhibits like heavy equipment, excavators, welding, surveying, masonry, solar installation, and various tasks to help make this a successful event.