Quality Roofing, Inc. was established in Florida in 1994 and is a third generation licensed and state certified roofing and GC firm. They are qualified in all phases of commercial and residential roofing along with providing new construction, residential projects, roof repairs and roof assessment management programs.

Susan Jenkins is the Marketing Director of Quality Roofing, Inc. She has been married to Rick Jenkins, President/Owner, for 22 years. Susan was born and raised in Tampa and attended University of Florida and University of South Florida. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree, she pursued her career in medical sales and became a Sales and Marketing Associate for Kimberly-Clark/Ballard Medical Products. She hit the ground running and became a top producer right away, while maintaining 100% Club status and President’s
Circle annually.

After marrying Rick, she assisted him at marketing events for Quality Roofing. Together they attended trade shows, association meetings, and corporate events, although her days were consumed with selling feeding tubes and endoscopic products to hospitals. Soon, trade names like modified bitumen and thermo-plastics became second nature to Susan due to Rick always quizzing her on different products and terms in the industry.

After 16 years in medical sales, Susan decided to hang up her scrubs and become a full time Mom for their son, Bryce. A few years later, our country went through the big economic crisis and the construction industry was devastated. With Susan’s extensive sales and marketing background, along with her knowledge of the roofing industry, a natural transition was to join in on the family business and become the Marketing Director. Over the years, Susan has helped out in many other aspects of QRI, but her expertise in sales influenced the sales force to become more proficient in their day-to-day operations. Susan primarily oversees all of the marketing in the company, as well as trade shows, organization meetings, and calls on corporate accounts.

Being a member of the NWIR has been an incredible experience for Susan. Involving leaders from competitive companies to take a genuine interest in each other has enabled growth and a sincere morale for women in the industry.

Tara Jenkins Cole has grown up in the roofing industry. As a young girl some of her fondest summer break memories are helping her grandfather James ‘Jim’ Jenkins Sr. pass out flyers, go on bank runs, and attend lunch meetings. Back in the day, she helped her father Rick Jenkins, President, inspect and complete takeoffs on roofs (making sure he didn’t put his foot through the rotten roof again) and attend pre-bid meetings. Tara worked for
Quality Roofing, Inc over summer breaks growing up and has held various positions for the company over the years. Tara is now the Human Resources Manager as well as the Payroll and Benefits Administrator. She strives to assist her brother Tanner Jenkins, Vice President, with his ambitious goals for the roofing company.

No stranger to the industry, Tara has a lot of respect for her co-workers, which is why she naturally transitioned into the Human Resources role. Several of Quality Roofing, Inc’s employees have been with the company since the 90’s and she endeavors to make all employees feel at home in this family run company. Her husband Nathan Cole-Service Department and Sales Manager has been a long-time employee as well. Come in anytime and see their two children, Brody (9) and Parker (7) playing and learning in the office, after school hours of course.

Tara loves being a part of NWIR as it is reinforcing all the support and encouragement she has received from industry contacts, but most importantly from her father, husband, brother, uncles and cousins, and is using that support to empower women in this industry as well.

Miriah Akers is an innovative and driven accounting professional with 6 years’ experience. She strives to learn new ways of doing things and takes on challenges that are sometimes out of her comfort zone. Miriah has strong interpersonal skills by building confidence from colleagues that work around her and across the organization. Miriah leads by example and is one that rolls up her sleeves to get the job done.

Miriah started working with Quality Roofing, Inc. 6- years ago. She was hired as the Administrative Assistant to Rick Jenkins, President. While working with Rick, Miriah learned several aspects of the business which lead her to excel in the company. After assisting the President for a year, Miriah worked her way into the Accounting department as the Billing Coordinator, processing all invoices throughout the company and billing over 14 million in sales single handedly while striving to improve herself within.

Once Miriah proved that she could take on more tasks, she was promoted to Assistant Controller. Handling a wide variety of job duties and assisting Tanner Jenkins- Vice President and John Castellana- CFO with all accounting aspects of the company. Without a background in Accounting or Construction, Miriah took on the tasks and excelled with no excuses, proving to the company that she could do it all.

After high school Miriah worked in the Hospitality and Retail industry and was attending school to become a Nurse. Miriah never thought she would end up working in the Roofing industry, but fate thought otherwise. After working with Quality Roofing, Inc., she realized that her passion was Accounting, and she was able to use her expertise and hard work to help the company grow.

Being a part of the National Women in Roofing has empowered Miriah to advance in the Roofing industry and to encourage other women to dream big and never stop until you reach your goals!

PHOTO: (Left to right) Susan Jenkins, Miriah Akers, Tara Cole and Puppy Lucy Cole.