Greatness isn’t seen overnight, it’s a process of dedication to a larger vision. It requires the ability to press past the criticism and look towards the end result that is sometimes unable to be unveiled until all of the pieces are in place.

The above statement is one I have been writing the last few weeks as it resonates deep within me. It continues to vibrate within me when my husband and I work together on our personal goals, when I work on lifting large changes in my business, and it seamlessly flows into what we are doing at NWIR. Big things are in motion, and I wanted to take a moment to share the greatness that is coming together.

In 2023 at the Executive Committee level, we discussed that it was a transitional year from our foundational years and we intentionally moved towards a full-fledged association with a dedicated Executive Director to serve our members at the highest level possible. Many members remember it as the year of NWIR embracing allies and advocates. In addition to this pivotal change, our 2023-2024 Chair Jennifer Keegan focused on governance and legal elements to ensure that the growth of NWIR would be secure.

In Q1 of 2024 I, Executive Director Katie Bodiford, and the rest of your Executive Committee have been relentless in identifying the technology and staffing needs to bring clear communication, uphold our pillars, and bring the very best possible opportunities for women in roofing. We clearly understand the opportunity our great industry offers to the many women who are seeking changes in their career pathways. To ensure that we are properly positioned for this growth, we are rolling out some substantial changes that we’ll be highlighting in the coming months.

In April we shared with the national Board of Directors that we are adding a second full-time position to support our members and council development. Our members’ development through clear and prompt communication is a large focus for me. We believe that greatness as an association requires ample communication and we look forward to fully deploying this expanded support to you in the coming months.

As we strive to build out greatness know that your NWIR leadership team is dedicated to elevating you, our members. Seeing you grow and thrive is part of my personal “Why” I do this. Your stories of success and shattering glass ceilings make my heart full and fulfill the larger vision of NWIR which is to empower women in the roofing industry.

My challenge to you this month is to think of how are you pressing past the circumstances of life and moving toward your greatest life achievements. It’s not easy. It takes grit and the ability to smile, hold your tongue, and press forward. Having to press past circumstances personally, professionally, and within my Chair role at NWIR, I realize all too well the challenge you might face, and I want to encourage you that greatness can and will be achieved. May you share your story of greatness with others!

In your corner,
Anna Anderson, Art Unlimited; NWIR Executive Committee Chair