Penny Hewey – Gardner Contracting LLC.
Being able to attend NWIR day was a memorable experience that I can’t imagine ever forgetting. I learned about myself and others through a behavioral assessment class that will help me at work and with people in general. It was so nice to just BE in an atmosphere of women that know what you’ve experienced in the roofing industry and even have a general idea of what you do for work. I’m glad I know where next year’s event will be held so that I can begin my planning to attend next year. Thank you so much to those that provided for the N.E.W.S. scholarships; without it, I would have missed out on such a wonderful experience.

Sydney Correll – JM Exteriors
It was an honor to be selected for the 2022 scholarship! The value provided through all of the events, seminars, networking, and friendships built far surpassed my expectations. Not only was I able to learn loads of information to improve our business, I was also granted the opportunity to have fun and meet incredible women in the industry who I hope to befriend in the near future. I am leaving IRE and NWIR day feeling truly inspired and excited to conquer many goals and dive further into the NWIR community.

Kari Chance – Empire Roofing
If you could sum up National Women in Roofing day into two pictures: this would be them.


Regardless of status.
Regardless of competitor ship.
Regardless of knowledge.

These women were there to make friends.
To build up women.
To learn.
To educate.
To grow.
To listen.

I have been a part of many industries.
I have seen friendships build through competition.

But I’ve never seen women find a competitor and say, “I’ve got you. Come with me. We’ll do this together.”

I saw women say, “I have a resource for you. What is your email so I can send it?”

I saw women say, “I hear your struggle and I relate to it in this way…thank you for sharing and giving me a space to share too.”

I saw women say, “you are courageous and beautiful, other women need to hear your story.”

I saw connection.
I saw growth.
I saw mentorship.
I saw everything people hope to get out of a weekend in one day.

So if you’re wondering why you should attend National Women in Roofing Day; That’s why.

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Vanessa Williams – Rackley Roofing
So blessed to be given the opportunity to attend my first #NWIRDay and IRE Expo. It was an incredible experience! The connections, friendships and memories were so much more than I could have ever imagined. This is an amazing group of ladies that are welcoming, inspiring, and fierce! I was able to see the leaders of my company, Rackley Roofing Company Inc. receive awards, share their passion for the industry and help educate others. I can’t say enough about this industry and the desire to see everyone succeed. So thankful to the National Women in Roofing for the N.E.W.S scholarship that allowed me access to this resource for networking and education. I look forward to giving back by working with the Mentoring Committee to tell others about the N.E.W.S. Scholarship and help bring other women to NWIR Day 2023.