In January, the NWiR Michigan Council met at National Nail for drinks, snacks, and a discussion about what leading in the new normal looks like. After a great welcome by Scott Baker, CEO of National Nail, Dani Zizak, CMO of National Nail shared her experiences of leading her team through the last three years. She talked about the struggles many leaders and companies are facing with changes to our industry, technology advancements, and adjusting expectations about how and where people work.

There were questions and discussions about leading a challenging team, how to approach leadership challenges, and ways to be a great listener and advocate for your team. National Nail had a library in their offices, and many grabbed a book on their way out – “The One Thing” or “No is a Beautiful World”. The presentation kicked off a great discussion afterward and drew from the experiences of many of the women in the room. Finding like-minded women who become a network to phone-a-friend offers an outlet when things get overwhelming or challenging.