We all know when a powerful woman walks into the room. More importantly, we know to listen when she grabs a microphone! Thea Dudley from Pocket Protectors LLC and Melissa Mulligan from M2C Services LLC inspired the National Women in Roofing event at the Best of Success conference that is produced by the team at Roofing Contractor Magazine and BNP Media. The event’s topic was Know Your Worth and How to Leverage It.

Many people in the work force accept less than they are worth, rarely demanding to be compensated for their value. With these tips, we hope to make the process a little easier for everyone looking to leverage their worth.


The big takeaway is recognizing that it all starts with you. What does that mean exactly? Here are a few questions that were recommended to ask yourself:

  • What sparks your passion?
  • What value do you bring?
  • What are your talents?
  • What is your expertise?
  • Where are you weak?

Answering these questions honestly, gives you a starting point to begin assessing your worth. By identifying your strengths, you can focus more in that direction. Pinpointing your weaknesses allows you to recognize them as your ‘charm’ and is an opportunity to align yourself with those that are strong in those areas.

Would You Recommend ME?

Recommendations and referrals can make or break your professional career. Before you put a name down on your next job application, it is a good idea to first see if they would recommend you for a certain job or position.

Start with asking yourself: who would I ask for a letter of reference? Why would I ask this person? Am I sure of what they would say?

Follow that exercise with being clear on what are you “known” for? Is there a special skill that you have? Is there something you do better than anyone else? What attributes/strengths do people correlate with you?

Lastly, have an honest look at yourself and not get caught up with “cloudy vision” of yourself. If you still have some space to grow, be honest with your potential employer or current employer when asking for a raise or applying for a new position.

Your Work History Scorecard

An important part of knowing your worth is taking inventory on what you have accomplished. Take note of the wins, both big and small, and grade yourself on how well you did. Keep a journal detailing your achievements to reference and include the following:

  • Have you led any big projects or played a major role?
  • Are there any situations where you went above and beyond to provide solutions?
  • What areas did you work on that saved the company time or money?
  • Are you studying something in specific where you can add more value through continuing your education?

Score yourself, be proud of your accomplishments and strategize on how to articulate your wins when opportunities present themselves.

Articulating Your Value

Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it does equal progress. It is important to build confidence when speaking about your competencies. A simple way to do so is writing them down or telling family and friends. Begin with listing your important skill sets, unique abilities and expertise, positive track record and important credentials. Discuss anything that you are particularly proud of when it comes to large and small job accomplishments!

Be sure you can fluently speak about your strengths and everything you have listed about yourself. Remember, confidence is key for leveraging your worth. For anyone else to believe in you, YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Your Worth and Market Value

There is a difference between what you are worth and at times, what you would like to make. At the end of the day, we are compensated for the value we add to the marketplace.

To know your worth, you should understand what is the “going rate” for the service you provide in your market. Try not to compare what’s happening in a location other than where you live. Each market differs. Understand how much people in your field are making. Gather data from sources such as professional recruiters, industry associations, LinkedIn.com, Indeed.com and Salary.com.

The same way you have special skills, there are people whose special skill is helping you articulate yours! Consider a professional coaching session to help you identify and align your salary goals with your market value.

Your Career is an Investment

Look at your career as an investment. Once you do, you understand that your marketability is tied to how WELL you did things, not just what you did.

  • Keep track of projects, successes, and awards.
  • Invest in trainings + certifications to make you better and more marketable.
  • Connect with professional recruiters to figure out what your market value is – instead of assuming it’s slightly more than you’re making now.

Fact-based data that you can present to your current or potential employer on your value and the ROI of having you on their team, is always better than going off of what you think or feel you are worth.

National Women in Roofing

I task you, the reader with this; challenge yourself to answer the questions outlined in this article. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by knowing your TRUE value. Opportunity is around the corner, are you ready for it?

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