Submitted by Heidi Ellsworth

The Roofing Alliance has issued a call to all roofing contractors for the 2020-21 Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards. The program spotlights and promotes excellence in the industry with the MVP Awards Program recognizing workers committed to excellence on and off the roof while applauding workers who make outstanding contributions to their companies, co-workers and communities. MVPs are role models who demonstrate work-related and personal goals to which others in the roofing industry aspire.

The award categories include:
• Outstanding On-the-Job Performance/Workmanship – Dedicated, reliable employees are vital to a company’s success and, among those employees, usually one stands out above all others. That’s the employee who 1) Has a strong work ethic, 2) Shows leadership, initiative and resourcefulness, 3) Has earned an outstanding safety record, 4) Shows support for his or her co-workers and 5) Goes above and beyond.

• Outstanding Performance/Other Noteworthy Contributions Outside the Workplace – Outstanding workers not only have a passion for the work they do and a sense of loyalty toward their employers, but they also show compassion for others outside the workplace. They volunteer their time with their communities, churches, families and friends. They are determined to overcome challenges and obstacles they may face personally or stand by others who need their support. They are always willing to extend a helping hand. They display exemplary service, leadership, commitment and selfless devotion.

Roofing professionals are encouraged to nominate employees for an MVP award to recognize their outstanding contributions through on-the-job performance and workmanship and for their outstanding performance and other noteworthy contributions outside the workplace.

In addition, one MVP winner will be chosen to be the Best of the Best, sponsored by Professional Roofing and OMG Roofing Products. The person selected as the Best of the Best typically stands out in both categories. The deadline for nominations is November 20, 2020. Applications and additional information can be found at

This is an excellent opportunity to nominate women in roofing who are making a difference!