submitted by Christee Holbrook

You know when you find your person at an event that you are nervous being at because you don’t know anyone… Cara Marie Lunn was that person for me at NWiR Day 2018 in New Orleans. I was fortunate enough to be at brunch with her that day and get to know her a little bit. She’s unforgettable to me. She was loud, beautiful and confident; especially confident as she was singing Chicago at the top of her lungs with the band that was playing for our table.

I’m so sad to hear that she passed away. It has been heavy on my heart since I saw this news a few weeks ago. Cara was so full of life and made you feel like you were one of “her people” when you were around her.

The lesson she left for all of us is to be the loud, confident person that makes someone else feel comfortable! Be a Cara because we need more of them in this world! Cara was that person for me. I will never forget her!

A mask fundraiser has been set up to benefit Cara Marie’s only son. See the Facebook page: Mask Up in Honor of Cara Marie