I really enjoy staying up to date on the current research regarding women who work in male-dominated industries. Whether is our own beloved roofing industry, an adjacent industry like construction, or even something further afield like law enforcement, I have found it really interesting to review new research on the topic.

I have several go-to resources for current research, but today I’d like to highlight the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). NCCER provides technical and career education programs for the construction industry; among their departments and programs is an industry research program that focuses on topics relevant to the construction workforce development.

The NCCER released a white paper a few months ago relating to the experience of women working in the construction industry. The white paper underscores the distinct advantages that women contribute to the construction workforce, sheds light on the challenges they face when entering and remaining in the industry and offers insights into the actions contractors can take to attract and retain a greater number of female professionals. It’s a great resource, because it goes deeper than the usual numerical and statistical data often found in research concerning women in the construction field. In Her Own Words: Improving Project Outcomes is available free of charge.