You probably already know this, but professional development and continuing education is important to developing careers in the roofing industry. Thankfully it’s not just enough to be able to schmooze anymore, customers and clients want business owners and sales people who are knowledgeable about the roofing assembly, and in some cases also the building envelope. Employees and colleagues want partners and managers who are emotionally intelligent, able to coach and mentor, and who have the skills to grow their business efficiently and effectively.

Participation in industry education events is an important part of this growth, and attendance at the International Roofing Expo offers excellent opportunities for education and professional development. Whether it’s a presentation on the expo floor about new product offerings, or an education session about business development or how to explain the importance of a high-performance roofing assembly, knowledge, education, and understanding are critical keys to your success as a roofing professional.

NWiR has a significant presence at the IRE and we hope to see you at one of the events we participate in: NWiR Day. the ROOFPAC event, the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation benefit concert, or on the trade show floor!