Has it been hot enough for you? Well, get ready! It’s going to get even hotter yet!!

The NWiR Education Committee has been hard at work bringing you roofing industry knowledge. Every month we are featuring a different topic. We are offering an AIA accredited continuing education course each month for that topic. Last month we had an overwhelming response to hurricanes and tropical storms. Over 100 people signed up for our “Metal Roofing – Wind Uplift(ing) or Not?” webinar sponsored by S-5!. 60-70 actual participants attended. Thank you for joining us!! We appreciate you taking advantage of all the hard work we put into these events we offer.

July brings heat and the hot summer sun. How does this affect our roofs? Let’s learn with facts and insight on single ply roofing and the driving trends and focuses for greater roof resilience.

We have an interesting article from Stonewater Roofing: https://stonewaterroofing.com/comparing-single-ply-roofing-membranes/

There are on-demand courses from FiberTite: https://www.fibertite.com/document-library/webinars

Online course from Building Enclosures: https://www.buildingenclosureonline.com/articles/88021-ceu-understanding-single-ply-roofing-systems

WAIT!! That’s not all! We have our featured webinar on July 22nd at 4pm EDT sponsored by DURO-LAST. “Resilience in Roof Design” presented by Scott Bieber. Go to our calendar to click on the link to register.

It may be hot outside, but NWiR is even hotter yet!! We are looking forward to sharing more aspects of the roofing industry with you.