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Women in Leadership: Handling Interruptions, Idea Stealing and Disrespect

Author: Paula FalconePublishing Date: May 4, 2022
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
The trajectory of women's success over the past century is nothing short of remarkable, but women are still relatively new players in the corporate landscape. The U.S. remains the innovation capital of the world, and the labor participation rate of its female population in positions of significance is one of the primary reasons why. But thinking about how much has changed over the past century is breathtaking.

Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions at Work

Author: Ella F. WashingtonPublishing Date: May 10, 2022
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
Microaggressions, the insensitive statements, questions, or assumptions aimed at traditionally marginalized identity groups can happen to anyone, of any background, at any professional level. The research is clear about the impact seemingly innocuous statements can have on one’s physical and mental health, especially over the course of an entire career: increased rates of depression, prolonged stress and trauma, physical concerns like headaches, high blood pressure, and difficulties with sleep.

Cool Roofs – Energy

Author: Energy.govPublishing Date: September 20, 2022
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
A cool roof is designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof, absorbing less solar energy. This lowers the temperature of the building just as wearing light-colored clothing keeps you cool on a sunny day. Conventional roofs can reach temperatures of 150°F or more on a sunny summer afternoon, sun. Under the same conditions a reflective roof could stay more than 50°F (28 °C) cooler.  This can save energy and money in buildings with air conditioning, or improve comfort and safety in buildings without air conditioning, by reducing heat flow from the roof into the occupied space. Most cool roofs have high “thermal emittance”—the ability to shed heat by giving off “thermal infrared” radiation. Nearly any type of building can benefit from a cool roof, but consider the climate and other factors before deciding to install one.

INTERESTING ARTICLES & WHITE PAPERS Fact Sheet | Cool Roofs | White Papers | EESI

Author: EESIPublishing Date: July 24, 2012
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
  1. Naturally Cool Roofs: By using white vinyl or other white surface materials, a building’s albedo (ability to reflect light) can increase to 60 percent, compared to 10-20 percent on a traditional asphalt roof. This reduces heat absorption and cools the building interior.
  2. Coated Roofs:  Buildings with traditional roofs can receive a solar reflective coating that helps reflect sunlight. Once retrofitted, these roofs function in much the same way as naturally cool roofs.
  3. Insulated Cool Roofs: : A roofing system that pairs thermally resistant insulation (insulation with a high R-value) with a white or reflective roof coating makes an effective thermal barrier, keeping heat out on hot days and in on cold days. This enables building HVAC systems to work more efficiently. If U.S. commercial roofs were upgraded with high R-value insulation, it is estimated that annual energy savings would exceed $2 billion.
  4. Green (Vegetated Roofs: Some roofs can be covered with plant life, if they are designed or retrofitted to handle the additional weight. Such roofs range from extensive (soil depth of 2-3 inches) to intensive (6 inches or deeper) and work with hundreds of different species of plants. Though green roofs reflect less sunlight, they provide other aesthetic and environmental benefits, including reduced storm water run-off and cleaner air.

Roofs and Condensation: A Practical Approach for the Design Professional (Online: Self-Paced)

Author: AEC DailyPublishing Date: September 20, 2022
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
With the advent of “cool” single-ply roofs featuring heat-reflective exterior surfaces and the use of mechanical attachment, new questions have emerged concerning the internal forces at play within the roofing system, especially in regard to vapor movement and the potential for moisture condensation within the roof. This course reviews the fundamentals of vapor movement in roofing systems, current roof condensation research, and the tools available to assess roof condensation. It also provides the building design professional with strategies to deal effectively with moisture movement within the roofing system.

10 Essential Ways to Support the Women in Your Life Right now

Author: Glamour - Olivia PerezPublishing Date: October 2, 2018
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
Show up for women, physically and emotionally. Whether it’s sending your girls a daily text to check-in, being a shoulder to cry on, calling your mother, supporting female-founded companies, or smiling at a woman on the street, be an advocate in any and every way.

Why Women Need to Start Supporting Other Women at Work

Author: Top Resume - Ronda SuderPublishing Date: July 7, 2022
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
It’s common to hear women talk about how poorly they’re being treated by men, but what about how women at work treat other women? Women speak of wanting equal pay, equal treatment, and so on. Yet, if we really want to achieve equal status to our male counterparts as women, then it needs to begin with us; women need to support women.

6 Ways That Women Can Champion Each Other At Work

Author: Lean InPublishing Date: July 7, 2022
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
We’ve all heard the myth that women don’t support each other—but it’s not true. Women can be powerful allies at work for other women, and these 6 ways that women can champion each other at work are simple things we can do every day to celebrate and advocate for our female coworkers. Together we can level the playing field and go further faster.

Roof Coatings – White Papers, Articles, Guides and Videos

Author: Publishing Date:
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
If you want to learn about roof coatings we direct you to articles, in-depth seminars, training, certifications, and general knowledge information.  Some of these can be found on the following websites:

Burnout Resources

Author: NWiR Education CommitteePublishing Date: March 1, 2022
Contributed by: Education1
NWiR Education Committee in March dedicate the month to an increased understanding of burnout.
  • Gain a basic understanding of what defines burnout.
  • Explore signs and symptoms of burnout.
  • Review some of the common contributors to burnout
  • Learn about ways to help prevent or deal with burnout.
We will complete the month with a panel discussion on the topic. The panel will be hosted by the Education Committee and will feature HR specialists, Mindset coaches, and others. The goal will be to walk away from March with a solid understanding of burnout and real ways to either prevent it or help if you are currently experiencing burnout. Click here for more resources about burnout.

Tile Roofing presented by TRI Alliance

Author: Tile Roofing Industry (TRI) AlliancePublishing Date: April 6, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
In the US, the tile roofing industry tops $1.3 Billion and continues to grow. TRI Alliance knows the tile roofing industry from the inside out, serving as its primary advocate and resource for more than four decades. Tap into their decades of experience and expertise in this burgeoning market. provides volumes of information, training, certifications and industry resources. Technical briefs for tile roofing can be found easily by clicking the link  The resources include: Tile Replacement Considerations For Tile Roofs Evaluation Of Roofs After High Wind Events Florida High Wind Concrete and Clay Tile Installation Guide – 6th Edition Industry Adoption Upcoming Training Sessions
  • 24, 2022 – Florida High Wind Manual Certification Webinar

Metal Roofing – White Papers, Articles, Guides and Videos presented by MCA

Author: Metal Construction Association (MCA)Publishing Date: February 28, 2022
Contributed by: Education1
If you want to learn about metal roofing, go no further.  Metal Construction Association offers in-depth seminars, training, certifications, and so much general knowledge information. Including:
  • Best Practices Sealants
  • Qualifying Snow Retention Systems for Metal Roofing
  • Roof Coatings: A Viable Option?
  • Metal Roofing
  • Metal Roof Installation Manual & Exam
  • METALCON Live! 12 Ways to Recover an Existing Sloped Roof
And much more!

Young Architect Guide: 5 Tips for Drawing Accurate Architectural Details presented by Architizer

Author: ArchitizerPublishing Date: December 31, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
The way an architectural structure is detailed can fundamentally impact how we experience a space. From temperature and humidity to airflow and light, details are tied to human comfort. While it may seem like a daunting task, learning to draw accurate architectural details will help you create more contextual, sustainable, and human designs. When you’re faced with drawing a detail, you’ve likely arrived at this task after a series of programming and design development decisions. These are great steps that usually help inform the choices you make. For example, if you’re orienting the building to capture views but block direct interior heat gain, you might need to detail glazing with a generous overhang above. Other details will entail careful consideration of wall types and the way each material is fastened together.

Why are Construction Specifications So Long and Wordy presented by ZeroDocs

Author: ZeroDocsPublishing Date: December 31, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
If you’ve become accustomed to reading and editing lengthy project specifications in construction, you’re probably a seasoned design professional with years of experience. The length of your specifications usually encompasses years of lessons learned, fixes from job site visits that went wrong, and updates that help to create the office master into a work of art. The problem lies in our preconceived ideas of what specifications in construction need to be. We’ve questioned why specifications have grown ever so wordy, and agree with emerging design professionals, that something’s got to change.

Detailing & Shop Drawings presented by NOMMA

Author: David Busarello, Bridgeton Drafting Company, LLC Franklinville, NJPublishing Date: January 1, 2017
Contributed by: Education1
Purpose of Class:
  • What does a detailer provide
  • Quality of Design Documents
  • Approval Process
  • Liability & Shop Drawings
  • How do I find a detailer? What can a detailer provide?
*Interesting quick PowerPoint Review

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Construction Company presented by Lifestyle

Author: Stanford AdvocatePublishing Date: January 6, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
The Stamford Advocate sponsored an article by LIFESTYLE   Starting your own business is not simple, especially if it’s a construction company. Reports show that construction is one of the top industries that people startup yet, it contains the highest failure rates out of all companies. There are countless reasons why construction companies fail. So, today we’re going to tell you how to start a construction company step-by-step and help you not just start it but make it successful.

Pros and Cons for Roofing Tiles presented by The Spruce

Author: The SprucePublishing Date: February 24, 2022
Contributed by: Education1
Tile roofing is a great choice for roofs that experience hot weather or exposure to salt air. This is why you very often see tile roofs in the Southwest, coastal Florida, and California. They can also be ideal for climates in which infrequent rains dump large amounts of water in a short time, since many styles are excellent at shedding rainfall from cloudbursts. If you’re considering tile roofing for your home, be aware that these roofing systems are very heavy and can break under certain conditions. Roof framing needs to be very sturdy structurally in order to support the weight.  Read what the experts say about the Pros and Cons.

Tile Roofing presented by Hurricane Retrofit Guide

Author: Hurricane Retrofit GuidePublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
Tiles are brittle, and can easily be chipped or broken by wind-borne debris. In fact, the tiles themselves are likely to become wind-borne at wind speeds starting at 120 to 130 mph. You can have a more secure roof by making sure that all tiles, particularly those on the ridges and edges, are fastened down tightly and by replacing the ones that are missing or loose.

Traditional Clay Tile Roofing: Investigation and Rehabilitation presented by RCI, Inc.

Author: RCI, Inc. Publishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
Achieving maximum durability with clay tile roofing requires careful material selection, meticulous detailing, and construction by knowledgeable and diligent craftsmen. This article of a 2006 presentation provides practical advice to help designers and builders conceive, design, and construct durable clay tile roofs.  Using several case studies and detailing examples from the presenters’ experience, the presentation covers aspects of clay tile roofing applicable to both new construction and restoration projects. These include investigation of existing clay tile roofs to determine causes of failure; selection of tile materials, geometries, and finishes; selection and detailing of flashing and underlayment; and review of attachment methods. Nicholas A. Piteo is a senior engineer with Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. (SGH), a national design and consulting engineering firm that designs, investigates, and rehabilitates structures and building enclosures out of Rockville, MD. Mr. Piteo has a breadth of experience in the investiga­tion, repair, design, and rehabilitation of building envelopes, with a specialization in mason­ry. He has performed numerous façade and roof investigations, including clay tile roofing, for which he also provided new designs.

FRSA Installation Manual for Tile Roofing (6th Edition)

Author: FRSAPublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
The Tile Roofing Industry Alliance (TRI) in partnership with the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association, Inc. (FRSA) have been working together for over two decades on the development of installation manuals that represent proper installation practices, industry standards, and the latest code requirements for the Florida Market. The manner in which tile roofs are installed in High Wind regions makes them highly-effective water shed-ding assembly that affords years of service and protection. The effectiveness of a tile roof system as a weather-resistant assembly depends upon the proper installation of the tile roof components because installing them properly is critical to the performance of the installed system. For more information and a full installation manual click on the link below.

Resources for Women in Construction presented by Houzz Pro

Author: Houzz ProPublishing Date:
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
As women continue to enter skilled trades as a career choice, we’re seeing more female-owned businesses and organizations emerge. But how do these new women-run companies get started? What resources are available to help them succeed? There are many great resources available to help women who want to enter these industries, including apprenticeships, classes, certifications, associations, books and blogs. This guide will provide you with valuable information and inspiration as you prepare for your career in the skilled trades.

Solar Shingles Vs. Solar Panels: Cost, Efficiency, & More presented by EcoWatch

Author: EcoWatch - Josh HurstPublishing Date: March 8, 2022
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
If you live in an area that gets consistent, year-round exposure to the sun, then you may be a good candidate to install a residential solar system. Installing solar panels on your roof is by far the most common way to harness the sun’s energy, but solar shingles are another option that’s becoming increasingly popular. So how, exactly, do solar shingles work, and how do they compare to traditional solar panels? In this article, we’ll explain the answers to these questions and more.

The Power of Networking presented by Heidi J. Ellsworth & Karen L. Edwards

Author: Heidi J. Ellworth & Karen L. EdwardsPublishing Date: January 8, 2022
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing

The power of networking is within every professional but not always obvious. This work book easily lays out how to put together a networking plan for success in any career. Looking at community, industry and company networking, professionals can work to create a plan for strong networking that will enhance and excelerate career ambitions.

Sales and Marketing for Roofing Contractors presented by Heidi J. Ellsworth & Karen L. Edwards

Author: Heidi J Ellsworth & Karen L. EdwardsPublishing Date: January 27, 2016
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
An easy to read and understand tour through sales and marketing practices for roofing contractors. With information that will help any small business, this book shows how marketing is an integral part of the sales process. It highlights the role of marketing in generating, managing and handling leads that sales professionals can close.

Professional Development Resources for Minorities in Construction presented by Surety First

Author: Surety First - Jeremy Schaedler Publishing Date: November 4, 2021
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
Written to help overlooked demographics get into construction as a field and includes licensing requirements to look out for, starting your own business, and connecting with those in the industry.

Building A Marketing Plan for Roofing Contractors presented by Heidi J. Ellsworth & Karen L. Edwards

Author: Heidi Ellsworth, Karen L EdwardsPublishing Date: January 2, 2018
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
Great book! Read and complete the exercises in each chapter and at the end of the book you will have your marketing plan!

Asphalt Shingles Repair Hands-On Demo presented by GAF C.A.R.E.

Author: GAF C.A.R.E Team Publishing Date: October 20, 2021
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
During this hands-on demo, the GAF C.A.R.E. team will be teaching us how to install asphalt shingles (just like the ones that are on your roof)! The Charlotte Metro, Nashville, and Cleveland Councils will be participating at their select locations and showing us what they have learned.  

Asphalt Roofing Recycling: Owning Our Future presented by ARMA

Author: ARMAPublishing Date: October 29, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
ARMA’s inaugural virtual Asphalt Roofing Recycling Forum discusses Asphalt Roofing Recycling: Owning our Future! The program is divided into two segments. The first segment features a keynote presentation followed by 30-minute sessions from various industry experts. The second segment hosts a panel discussion with various thought leaders from the manufacturing, academia, consumer, and recycling perspectives. The goal is to leave feeling empowered about #RecyclingRoofs!

The Design Advantages of Synthetic Roofing Solutions presented by AEC Daily

Author: AEC Daily Publishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
Synthetic roofing materials have been available in the market for more than a decade, providing a cost-effective, viable alternative to traditional slate and shake roofing systems. This course provides an overview of the features and benefits of slate and shake synthetic roofing products, including a discussion on the testing methods used to rate specific performance characteristics.

A Professional Guide for Women in the Construction Industry presented by Blue Laser Digital

Author: Blue Laser Digital Publishing Date: July 29, 2021
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
Historically, construction has been viewed as a man’s career. However, women increasingly are becoming involved in the industry as these cultural barriers diminish. The construction industry offers a wide variety of career options, ranging from seasonal workers to engineers to project managers to architects. Many of these careers also offer unique opportunities, such as flexibility, financial security, and even a chance to impact your city’s appearance, infrastructure, and culture. As such, as more women get involved in this career path, they may have more professional opportunities, as well as more means of making their mark in their communities.

Workwear Member Benefits presented by the NWiR Education Committee

Author: NWiR EducationPublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
Did you know that one of the benefits to being a member of NWiR is a discount on Construction Work-wear . XENA WORKWEAR FOR WOMEN Code: XENAxNAWIR Benefits: $20 off for purchase of the following products: Omega EH Boots, Nova EH Safety Riding Boots, Fusion Mt Boots and the Everywhere and Aurora Blazers $20 will be donated by Xena Workwear to benefit NAWIR's Scholarship Program Draft for Program Description: Xena Workwear creates stylish safety footwear and functional apparel to help professional women express their personality and feel confident in any work environment. Ana Kraft started this company out of her own frustration, working in a manufacturing environment where the only options were bulky, manly work boots. She knew that a more versatile category of workwear was needed and decided to shake-up the stagnant industry of manufacturers who did not understand women’s needs. Because it is part of their goal to empower women in STEM and the Trades, they offer a special gift code for NAWiR members that will give you $20 off their beautiful and functional products and donate $20 for each purchase to support NAWiR's Scholarship Program. To get your stylish pair of safety boots with your NAWiR gift code, go to, select your style and size and enter XENAxNAWIR into the Gift code field at the checkout. Your shoes will arrive within eight business days and the exchange and return process is free and simple.

OSHA Training presented by the University of Southern Florida

Author: University of Southern FloridaPublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
We offer 100% online OSHA 10-hour courses for construction and general industry that are available in English and Spanish. Our courses are fully narrated, interactive, and include printable lesson reviews to help with the final exam and case studies to prepare you for real world experiences. You do not have to take the OSHA training in one sitting. The course will save your progress so you can log on and off as you like. We also provide you with a course trainer upon registration for any questions about OSHA regulations or course topics. Need a bulk discount? No problem. We can accommodate you.

Construction Safety Articles presented by ASSP

Author: ASSPPublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
CONSTRUCTION SAFETY ARTICLES Construction Safety Articles American Society of Safety Professionals is your source for insights on trends in the construction industry, including developments in safety management, worker safety and … EXPLORE FURTHER

Safety Topics presented by Safety Culture & Safesite

Author: Safety Culture & SafesitePublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
TOOLBOX TALKS Toolbox Talk Templates: Free Download | SafetyCulture: Safety Culture Offers Free Download Templates for Safety Tool Box. HOW TO IMPROVE SAFETY IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Improve Safety Participation in 2020 and Beyond. The top 10 construction meetings for 2020 reflect measures to keep workers safe during COVID-19. They also highlight the need to prepare in advance for high-impact situations like emergencies and incidents. Instantly document your safety meetings with Safesite. Top 10 Construction Safety Topics in 2020

Technical Inspections for Liquid Resin Roofing & Waterproofing Membranes presented by Kemper System America

Author: Kemper System AmericaPublishing Date: July 19, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
Join KEMPER SYSTEM AMERICA  to learn more from NWiR Member Jae Horbacz , Sr. Architect at Kemper System America if you want to learn some basics and the versatility of Roofing/Waterproofing using Reinforced Cold-Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane Systems.KEMPER SYSTEM AMERICA – Technical Inspections for Liquid Resin Roofing & Waterproofing Membranes – Credit Designations AIA CE Credit 1.5HR HSW Watch recording With the mainstream usage of the Cold Fluid Applied, Liquid Resin Roofing & Waterproofing Membranes; it is necessary to obtain the technical knowledge used to provide QC inspections. Course will provide attendees of basic “what to look for” information, some science related to the information and corrective course of actions that may be possible.
  • Learning Objective 1: Understand the recommended application procedures for these types of liquid resin systems. Including several different resin and reinforcement types typically seen in the U.S. market.
  • Learning Objective 2: Identify typical application deficiencies including substrate preparation, primer application, membrane application and surfacing.
  • Learning Objective 3: Develop solutions for typical problems encountered in the field and provide recommendations on how to address these problems promptly before they become large scale issues.
  • Learning Objective 4: Show project specific case studies to support the common sense solutions for application deficiencies.

Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems

Author: Publishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
Learn about the benefits of installing Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems. Coatings provide a cost effective alternative to replacing your metal roof. ENERGY STAR® approved product can reduce your roof’s temperature by up to 100°F and comes with a 10 year warranty.  New Roofs with As little as Zero Pitch? A monolithic Fluid Applied Roofing Membrane can be applied.

Polymeric Liquid-Applied Membranes for Roofing & Waterproofing presented by SOPREMA, Inc.

Author: AEC DailyPublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
Polymeric Liquid-Applied Membranes (PMMA/PMA) for Roofing & Waterproofing Ensuring a building’s roof is waterproof, on top of being structurally sound, is critical to the success of any building project. This course examines rapid curing, polymeric liquid-applied waterproofing membranes for roofing and other demanding applications. Discussions include the history of PMMA, PMMA system components and characteristics, the installation process, and the versatility of PMMA products.

Fluid-Applied Roof Coatings presented by Covestro

Author: CovestroPublishing Date: January 1, 2015
Contributed by: Education1
Though there are many different types of liquid roofing products on the market, this course is going to focus on those products that qualify as roof coatings.  COVESTRO provides a great article/outline of what is out there in the market.

Estimating Training Program presented by Cotney Consulting Group

Author: John H Kenney III / CotneyPublishing Date:
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
As a Florida Board Certified Construction Lawyer who is also licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington, Trent focuses his practice on all aspects of construction litigation and arbitration, including OSHA defense, lien law, bond law, and bid protests, as well as construction document review and drafting. He routinely represents general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, developers, and others in the construction industry in a variety of matters. Trent serves as General Counsel for the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Association (FRSA), National Slate Association (NSA), Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA), and several other industry associations.  He routinely advocates for the construction industry and is active in molding contractor-friendly statutes, rules, and regulations on the local, state, and national levels.  Trent has been recognized as one of the leading attorneys in the field by his peers and the construction industry and has received numerous honors and distinctions. He is the editor and primary author of the Amazon best-selling book OSHA Defense for the Construction Industry.

The Blueprints to Your Business presented by John Kenney

Author: John H Kenney IIIPublishing Date: February 24, 2021
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
This book is written by our very own John Kenney that is on the Membership Committee and does so much for our organization. Are you ready to change your roofing business for the better? In this book you will uncover an all-encompassing guide to effectively run your business. Whether you are just starting out in the roofing industry or you are a well-seasoned roofing veteran, this guide will provide valuable insight for your business. 2020 changed the way companies across the world do business. The construction industry saw drastic changes, and as we navigate through 2021, this book will showcase procedures that will help align your business for success. The author, John H Kenney III, has worked for multiple Top 100 Roofing Contractors and is intimately familiar with all aspects of roofing production, estimating, operations, sales, marketing, and overall business processes. During his tenure, John ran business units associated with delivering excellent workmanship and unparalleled customer service while ensuring healthy net profits for his company.

Resilience in Roof Design presented by Erica Farver

Author: Erica Farver- Sr. Business Manager of RoofingPublishing Date: July 22, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
Resilience in Roof Design. The trend toward greater resilience in roof design has come into sharp focus in recent years.  The forces driving this trend include the decline in skilled labor among roofing contractors and allied trades; changes in the building code that have been influenced by severe weather patterns; and the increasing application of sustainable and “green" technologies.  The urgency of this trend has challenged both design and construction professionals to find both human and technological solutions in a dynamic work environment.  This presentation will explore how the trend toward greater roof resilience has effected the application and performance of roofing systems over time.  It will also discuss ways to meet the changing demands. DURO-LAST PRESENTS- Learning objectives:
  • Describe traditional roofing and its evolution to modern, more resilient roofing technology
  • Discuss the realities of labor shortages and their impact on the construction industry
  • Identify changes in the building code that enhance roof performance in high wind and weather-beaten coastal areas
  • Discuss green roofing systems and their impact on the commercial and residential spaces

Understanding Single-Ply Roofing Systems presented by Building Enclosure

Author: Building EnclosurePublishing Date: January 18, 2019
Contributed by: Education1
When it comes to the design of commercial buildings, more and more architects are opting for low-sloped roofs. Low-sloped roofs cost less to build, reduce the total volume of conditioned air in the building, and conveniently provide an out-of-the-way location for heating, cooling, and fire suppression equipment. Specifying a roofing material for low-sloped roofs traditionally meant built-up roofing (BUR) and using asphalt or coal tar. Recently though, variations on single-ply roofing membranes have dominated the market. With so many options, styles, and technologies available, it is more important than ever that architects understand the differences between single-ply roof membrane systems and where best to specify these.

Webinars presented by FiberTite

Author: FiberTitePublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
FiberTite offers (6) very interesting on-demand webinars
  • Exploring an Emerging Trend: What is Very Severe Hail?
  • Will Your Roof Withstand Very Severe Hail?
  • Introducing New Professionals to Building Envelope Science
  • Roofing & Waterproofing Forensics
  • 5 Critical Roofing Performance Considerations
  • Vegetated Rooftop Gardens

Comparing The Different Single-Ply Roofing Membranes presented by Stonewater Roofing

Author: Stonewater RoofingPublishing Date: March 26, 2018
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
Commercial roofing managers and owners in the East Texas region are typically overwhelmed by the many options available for low-slope roofs. Single-ply roofing membranes have three main group types. All of them are fairly complex systems and some have complex names or abbreviations to cause even more confusion.

Be Prepared for Nature’s Tests presented by Ready

Author: ReadyPublishing Date: April 1, 2022
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
Nature has a mind of its own. Be ready! What is nature sending your way? Hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, thunderstorms & lightning. FEMA’s Ready campaign provides information on how to be prepared.

Will Your Roof Weather The Storm presented by Facilitiesnet

Author: FacilitiesnetPublishing Date:
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
What happens when high-velocity winds meet low slope roofs? There’s no simple answer, and no way to predict exactly which roofs will have trouble, even after years of experience with roof damage caused by hurricanes. Sometimes, on buildings with the same type of roof that are located side by side, one roof blows off or suffers other catastrophic damage while the other roof has very little damage. Facilities Management Insights provides an interesting take on the different types of roofing available and which ones are better designed to weather the storm.

Resilient Roof System Design for our Future presented by CSI

Author: CSIPublishing Date: March 12, 2021
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
Climate and weather very much influence the design and construction of building enclosure systems, especially roof systems and assemblies. While codes provide the minimum requirements for construction, few provisions focus on resilience. More extreme and destructive weather events are demonstrating that many of today’s building solutions might not be sufficiently resilient. The compounding effects of climate change and a growing urban population make resilience and adaptability even more important and challenging. Improving long-term building performance and resiliency requires a fundamental approach to design that accounts for vulnerability, where the roof selection and design play an important role in how resilient buildings are designed, specified, and behave.

FORTIFIED Program presented by IBHS roofing specialist Mark Zehnal

Author: FORTIFIEDPublishing Date:
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
FORTIFIED is a voluntary construction and re-roofing program designed to strengthen homes and commercial buildings against specific types of severe weather such as high winds, hail, hurricanes, and even tornadoes.

Technical Education – Wind Uplifting or NOT presented by Shelly Higgins

Author: Shelly HigginsPublishing Date: June 23, 2021
Contributed by: nationalwomeninroofing
NWiR’s own member, Shelly Higgins – S-5 Architectural & National Accounts Director will be our presenter.  Learn how the changes are impacting codes and roof material choices.  Learn about testing and specification techniques for metal roof options and accessories to improve wind uplift resistance. Watch recorded webinar The Learning Objectives Include:
  • Describe the effects of wind uplift on roofs and the science behind it
  • Understand the changes in ASCE 07 and how it creates a safer building
  • Explain wind uplift testing and why it is important
  • Identify methods, metal roof accessories and applications to improve metal roof performance in wind uplift solutions
  • Explain specification techniques; how to properly select and specify wind rated metal roofs and accessories to value engineer wind control

Green Roof Sustainable Solutions presented by Angie Durham

Author: Angie DurhamPublishing Date: May 24, 2021
Contributed by: Education1

 The NWiR in celebrating the month of May by learning about Green Roof Design. We are proud to offer insight into the design of Green Roofs with our presenter Angie Durham. 

Angie Durham started AD GREENROOF based in Minneapolis in 2012. For over 18 years she has designed and managed a wide variety of green roofs throughout the USA and researches system performance. Her team has developed GREENFORMATION® a budget friendly maintenance system working with contractors and owners. 

 AIA & ASLA 1 Hour CES 

  • How do Green Roofs perform 
  • Design to exceed Performance 
  • What are the benefits of the technology for your clients 
  • Help them explore their options and their needs 
  • Design to meet LEED v4 credits as they apply to the project site
  • Understand the basics in designing systems to meet Total System Warranty Requirements 

What is a Green Roof presented by National Park Services

Author: NPSPublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1

The US Department of the Interior provides a clear overview of the considerations, visual impact, physical impact, plants, alternatives, benefits, and resources. 

Historic buildings are great opportunities for sustainable development and are regularly being rehabilitated to incorporate green design features while still preserving their historic character. One way of increasing the sustainability and energy performance of a building is to install a green roof. The information here provides a background for applying green roof technology to historic buildings.

Green Living Technologies (Online Course) presented by AECDaily

Author: ACEDaily Publishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1

 Green Living Technologies presents: “Living Walls – Design Intent, Function & Art” 

Living walls not only add beauty to a space, but also can help to reduce energy consumption, minimize environmental impacts, and create healthier interior and exterior environments. This course compares the design and construction of different types of living walls and provides an overview of the factors to consider to ensure a healthy, thriving living wall is installed and maintained. 

Green Roof Design Considerations presented by LiveRoof Global, LLC

Author: LiveRoof Global and LiveWall, divisions of Hortech, Inc. Publishing Date: May 6, 2021
Contributed by: Education1

Description: With a focus on hybrid green roof systems, this course provides an overview of green roofs, including system options and design and specification considerations, such as plant selection, irrigation, mitigation of wind pressure and fire risk, sloped applications, and warranty options. 

Presented by: Amber Ponce, LiveRoof Global, LLC Privacy Policy: LiveRoof Global and LiveWall, divisions of Hortech, Inc. Privacy Policy

The Bitumen Roofing Industry – A Global Perspective presented by Asphalt Roofing

Author: Asphalt RoofingPublishing Date: April 1, 2021
Contributed by: Education1

Quality Control Guidelines for the Application of Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems presented by NRCA

Author: NRCAPublishing Date: April 1, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
This booklet, a joint project between the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and NRCA, is intended to provide guidance for the on-site evaluation of the application of asphalt shingle roof systems. The guidance presented in this document is based on the technical knowledge of experienced asphalt shingle manufacturers and installers. This document provides visual examination evaluation criteria for the roof substrate surface, underlayment, drip edge, fasteners, asphalt shingles and flashings. If you work on asphalt shingle roof systems, you need this booklet!

#WhyAsphalt presented by Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association

Author: Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers AssociationPublishing Date: April 1, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
Search #WhyAsphalt on LinkedIn to see featured case studies from Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association

Asphalt Roofing Systems presented by Firestone Building Products

Author: Firestone Building ProductsPublishing Date: April 15, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
Although built-up roofs are the oldest type of low-slope roofing systems, gaining an understanding of the advantages and characteristics of modified bitumen membranes will help you select the asphalt roofing system that improves performance and saves on installation costs over traditional asphalt roofs. Learn how “mod bit” roofs, whether APP or SBS, provide improved durability with stronger reinforcements, resist hail and traffic damage, and provide factory-controlled quality manufacturing.

The Anatomy of an Asphalt Shingle presented by IKO and Hanleywood University

Author: IKO and Hanleywood UniversityPublishing Date: April 20, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the functional design of an asphalt shingle
  • Understand how the raw materials used address the functional requirements
  • Understand how the raw materials are sourced and specified
  • Understand why the raw material specifications are essential to asphalt shingle performance

SBS Roofing Technology & Design presented by Soprema

Author: SopremaPublishing Date: April 26, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
1 credit AIA HSW/IIBECLearning Objectives:
  • History and development of SBS-modified bitumen waterproofing systems, including addition of FR additives impacting sheet performance in catastrophic fire events allowing protection for building occupants.
  • Modified bitumen sheet anatomy, incorporating discussion of self-adhesive and sanded sheet cold adhesive sheet installations and their impact on building occupants.
  • Methodology of roof system application, including pertinence to environmental and safety impact
  • Review modified bitumen membrane surfacing including highly reflective surfacing material options and their impact on building performance and subsequent occupant comfort.

Tech Talk: All about Asphalt Shingles presented by Education Committee

Author: NWiR EducationPublishing Date: April 21, 2021
Contributed by: Education1
The NWiR Education Committee to discuss the basics of asphalt shingles.

Innovative Technologies for the Sustainable Building Envelope presented by ATAS Aluminum

Author: ATAS International, Inc. Publishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
1 LU/HSW & 1 GBCI CE Hour
  • Discuss how metal cladding uses sunlight in heating climates to provide a building with preheated ventilation air.
  • Explain how cutting-edge cool roof technologies, including UV-reflective pigments and above-sheathing ventilation, provide relief in cooling climates.
  • Identify how metal roofing provides a solar-ready platform for photovoltaic systems.
  • Define how metal cladding on roofs and walls can contribute to green building objectives, including LEED certification.

Solar-Ready Roof: Optimize the Design presented by AECDaily

Author: ACEDaily Publishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
With the demand for sustainable power on the rise, building owners and homeowners alike are turning to solar power as a supplemental power generator. Choosing the right platform for the solar panels is a critical step in the design process and can have a significant impact on both initial and long-term costs. This course discusses the basics of photovoltaic systems, including the components and rooftop applications. Comparisons between traditional roofing and standing seam metal roofing platforms are examined, and the benefits of a non-penetrating clamping system are discussed. Learning Objectives:
  • Describe the basics of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, the components, their energy efficiency, and rooftop application
  • Summarize steps of the design process for solar-ready roof including the durability of the roof material selection and solar panel orientation.
  • Explain why a long-lasting metal roof is a perfect solar platform including their durability, recyclability and sustainability
  • Discuss how non-penetrating mounting systems are easily installed, economical, help mitigate wind uplift and reduce damage to the roofing material

The Evolution of Standing Seam Metal Roofing presented by TREMCO

Author: Tremco Roofing and Building MaintenancePublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
  • The history of standing seam metal roofing
  • The many types of standing seam metal roofs
  • When each is applicable
  • How to specify
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of poor design

Metal Roof Installation Manual presented by Metal Construction Association

Author: MCA Metal Construction AssociationPublishing Date:
Contributed by: Education1
This installation training manual addresses the installation of metal roofing material and related accessories. It includes information pertaining to both new construction reroofing and retrofit projects. The MCA installation training manual was developed to improve the installation of metal roofing within the construction industry. The goal is to eliminate avoidable problems and reduce the need for additional work due to callbacks.  

The Roof Deck Podcast presented by WSRCA

Author: WSRCAPublishing Date: April 15, 2021
Contributed by: Jennifer Keegan
 Are you young? Are you in the roofing industry? Are you a professional? Then this podcast is for you! We kick off Episode 1 of 'THE ROOF DECK' with our hosts Jackson Johns - National Roofing Company, Rachel Garcia - Malarkey Roofing Products, and Shane Wakerling - General Roofing Company - talking us through what we're all about - roofing! We're here to help you grow and answer questions about what it's like to be a young professional in the industry Listen Now!

The B Words presented by Tricia Kagerer

Author: Tricia KagererPublishing Date: September 15, 2020
Contributed by: NWiR
In The B Words: 13 Words Every Woman Must Navigate for Success (Brown Books Publishing Group, 2020), Tricia Kagerer uses her experience and the experiences of others to provide guidance that can help women of all ages and all walks of life achieve their goals. Order Book:

U.S. Building Enclosure Resource Guide presented by IIBEC

Author: Derek Hodgin, Walt Rossiter, John WyliePublishing Date: September 1, 2020
Contributed by: Jennifer Keegan
An Alphabetical Listing of References With Which To Be Familiar Link to pdf here: 2020 IIBEC Interface Bldg Enclosure Resource Guide All credit goes to IIBEC for this great resource!

Technical Commercial Roofing and Weatherproofing Courses presented by Derbigum

Author: DerbigumPublishing Date:
Contributed by: NWiR
Product knowledge and installation education are important in every area of roofing, but are particularly important in the specialized world of commercial roofing and weatherproofing. Derbigum, a company that began in 1932, offers a wide variety of training on technical commercial roofing and weatherproofing. Courses cover the theory and practicum and can be completed in a variety of locations, including contractor and distributor yards and training centers in Ohio, Mississippi, New Jersey, California, Maryland, and more. After completing a course, a contractor can obtain the title of Derbigum Approved Contractor (DAC). Derbigum also offers AIA-approved courses, which qualify for 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU). The courses include Cold Applied Roofing, Low Slope Roofing overview, and PMMA/PMA (Polymeric Liquid Applied Membranes). These courses can empower contractors by providing a refresher or allowing them to start from scratch on certifications. Education is essential in our business.

AIA & GBCI Approved Seminars presented by ATAS International, Inc.

Author: Lee Ann M. Slattery / ATAS International, Inc.Publishing Date: July 22, 2020
Contributed by: NWiR
ATAS offers two online education courses, “Metal Roofing: History, Material, Application” and “Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Building Envelopes” available below. “Metal Roofing: History, Material, Application” is approved for 1 AIA/CES LU/HSW while “Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Building Envelopes” is approved for both 1 AIA/CES LU/HSW and 1 GBCI CE Hour. We can also provide any of our in-person seminars as a Virtual Lunch & Learn. Please fill out the request a seminar form, and note in the comments section that you would like the seminar to be presented remotely.

Employer Hiring Tips presented by Cotney Construction Law

Author: Rick BlystonePublishing Date: June 29, 2020
Contributed by: Cotney Construction Law
One of the biggest challenges facing the construction industry today is the lack of skilled labor. While finding employees may be a challenge, finding the right employees for your organization can be even more difficult. In this article we will discuss a few items that will ease the challenge of hiring new employees and help ensure that the employees you hire are around long-term.

Top 10 Contract Provisions for Roofers presented by Cotney Construction Law

Author: Hilary MorganPublishing Date: August 27, 2019
Contributed by: Cotney Construction Law
Contract provisions can make or break your roofing project. This article highlights some key contract provisions that affect both commercial and residential roofers. A roofer that can issue spot and focus on key provisions may be able to reduce liability.

Winning the War for Talent presented by Chris Czarnik

Author: Chris CzarnikPublishing Date: June 15, 2018
Contributed by: NWiR
Fabulous book to read on the issue we all face - How can I get and keep good employees?!

Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace presented by Cotney Construction Law

Author: Rick BlystonePublishing Date: August 20, 2020
Contributed by: Cotney Construction Law
Diversity in the workplace is a big talking point these days. Most agree that having an organization made up of diverse individuals with varying backgrounds is a crucial element of building a successful organization. So what exactly is diversity in the workplace?

Personal Protective Equipment for Women presented by XENA

Author: XENAPublishing Date: August 2, 2020
Contributed by: NWiR
Just do a quick online search for women’s work apparel and you’ll find countless pieces from designer brands that look great, but don’t offer much else. You’ll also find rugged brands that make functional work gear with looks that don't exactly inspire professional confidence. But what if you want both? Is a stylish, machine washable blazer with ACTUAL pockets too much to ask for? We didn't think it unreasonable so we set-out to engineer a line of stylish workwear that is full of innovative features. Our apparel is infinitely versatile to help professional women move freely.

Call Off The Search – You Are Already Enough presented by Wanderlust Journal

Author: Wanderlust JournalPublishing Date: August 1, 2019
Contributed by: NWiR
I AM NOT ENOUGH. This belief causes so many problems. For everyone. It causes us to constantly be living in a way that we must be anything other than ourselves, that we have to get something more than what we already have and it drives us to live in a way that we are regularly rejecting and not accepting who we already are right now. In the hope that somewhere ‘out there’ someday I will find the one thing I need to finally enable me to feel at peace and worthwhile in who I am in this world.

Roof Technology and Science I presented by IIBEC

Author: IIBECPublishing Date: May 1, 2019
Contributed by: NWiR
Highlights of the program include critical aspects of roof decking and related supporting structures, heat transfer and practical heat transfer calculations, the function of heat transfer and the different types of roof insulation, the technology behind roofing bitumens and their related BUR and modified bitumen membranes, and basic flashing nomenclature and bituminous flashing system construction. The Roof Technology and Science I course features fundamental concepts that prove useful for students in other RCI Educational Programs. Roof consultants, facility managers, contractors, architects, engineers, roofing material salespeople, property managers, and others can gain new insight and professional development in the continually evolving world of roofing technology.

Roofing 101 presented by NRCA

Author: NRCAPublishing Date: May 1, 2019
Contributed by: NWiR
NRCA University's Roofing 101 program provides an easy, affordable way to learn about roofing fundamentals online. The program is not a DVD based program. It is designed for those new to the roofing industry or anyone who needs to understand roof assemblies and how the industry operates. New employees, customers, facility managers, building owners and design professionals will benefit from this program which teaches design, installation and maintenance, as well as safety, building code compliance, and energy efficiency for low-slope (typically commercial) and steep-slope (typically residential) roof systems.

Women are the Solution to the Construction Industry’s Labor Shortage presented by Curbed

Author: Amanda AbramsPublishing Date: November 5, 2018
Contributed by: NWiR
If general contractors are serious about reducing the industry’s labor shortage, they might want to start lobbying for increased funding to help train and bring in women, or invest in an advocacy campaign alerting women that job opportunities exist in the field.

Forbes for Women

Author: Publishing Date: December 26, 2018
Contributed by: NWiR
Curated Forbes articles with a focus on women

National Women’s Law Center presented by NWLC

Author: NWLCPublishing Date: December 26, 2018
Contributed by: NWiR
Non-traditional jobs for women

U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau

Author: Publishing Date: December 26, 2018
Contributed by: NWiR
For more than 90 years, the Women’s Bureau has been meeting its mandate by: identifying, researching and analyzing the topics working women care about most; pioneering innovative policies and programs to address them; and enhancing public education and outreach efforts to raise awareness on key issues and developments affecting women in the workforce.

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