In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we sought out some of our wonderful Hispanic sisters to give us a little insight to their life as a Hispanic Woman in Roofing. Today we have answers from Mischell Cox representing Mexico!

NWIR Feature: Hispanic Heritage Month

In the spirit of Hispanic Heritage month, we want the NWIR community to know your unique insight on being a woman of Hispanic descent!

Please answer the following questions and provide a headshot to use for NWIR social media.

Name and Title:
Mishell Cox 🡪 Owner/CEO of Cox Residential
Business Name, City and State
Cox Residential/ Carmel, Indiana
What do you embrace and love most about your culture?
Mexican culture gives us a sense of pride and belonging by being hospitable and making everyone feel like they are loved.
We are grateful at life itself and therefore our culture feeds our souls with the art of working hard and giving.
What is something you want others to know about your heritage?
We laugh, hug, kiss and cry loudly, with that being said I can assure you that we do everything with a lot of passion. With that same passion we work hard, and this goes hand in hand with the gratefulness we feel for life.
Have you faced any challenges in your life because of your ethnicity?
I sure have, and although I have not discovered yet what exactly is in the mix of the problems, I have found the solutions. I have confidence in myself and what used to be pointed as my weaknesses I have used it to be my strengths. I have learned to be Latina my superpower.
Who has been an inspiring figure of Hispanic descent throughout your life? How or why has this person made an impact?
My first inspiring figure of Hispanic descent is my great-great grandfather King Moctezuma. Moctezuma II was the most significant emperor of the Aztec Empire.

Following the Aztec’s founding and construction of Tenochtitlan in the Valley of Mexico in

1325 AD, they quickly established their authority across the other societies in the valley.

My second inspiring figure is Ellen Ochoa. She became the first Hispanic Woman in the world
to go into space. Ochoa was aboard the Discovery shuttle for a total of nine days while

conducting important research into the earth’s ozone layer. Since that ground-, or sky-.

Breaking moment, Ochoa has gone on a further three space flights, logging 1,000 hours in

space in total. And, if her first pioneering mission wasn’t enough, in 2013 Ochoa became the

first Hispanic director, and second female director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston,


What is your favorite way to celebrate your heritage?
My children are half Mexican -Half white. I want them to be proud of their Latino blood and to grow up understanding it and loving it. I try to find the best local Hispanic parties where the true meaning of the Mexican Independence is celebrated and bring them along to live the experience of the music, the people, and the food themselves. I want them to understand the story behind the celebration, taste the culture and to continue to love it as much as I do.