In the next few weeks, you will see additional helpful hints to bring interns into your company. Here are a few of the top tips and stay tuned for more:

1. Determine whether you want a summer internship or a summer job.
2. Define the work to be performed, development to be gained, and employee to oversee the intern.
3. Connect with local colleges and trade schools to identify students
4. Phone interview first to filter down to a select few. Then meet for coffee, noting if they show up on time, communicate well, are flexible and personable.
5. Do a trial or test day with a specific task for the day, also called a Shadow Day. Let them try out the commute – to make sure it will work for both of you.
6. Set up a regular schedule – otherwise, schoolwork and projects will get in the way.
7. Have a space for them to work – ideally with tools you provide.
8. Put together some sort of letter of agreement (also what they can and can’t use as stuff for their portfolio)

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We will keep guiding you through the process and have mentors to help you as well so stay connected.