The NWiR Tampa Council met on April 26th for a lunch meeting on financial wellness sponsored by CertainTeed. Guest speaker Erin Hoffman, a NWIR member, and New Jersey Council Board Member, is a Financial Advisor with Certified Financial Services. She takes a holistic approach to finances, which focuses on achieving financial balance. She covered topics from budgeting and retirement savings to financial protection and the importance of cash flow. Erin shared that women having confidence in their financial life will bring about a greater sense of well-being in their everyday life. After the meeting, she provided the Tampa Council with her Living Expenses Budget Sheet and Living Balance Sheet tools which focus on our financial house, the foundation of which is cash flow, and the four components of financial protection we need for the roof of our financial home. Erin practices as a financial advisor across the country and is available for follow-up questions and advice at Special thanks to Erin Hoffman of Certified Financial Services; Rutland Martin of CertainTeed; and Rich Holsinger for helping to coordinate our meeting space with the International Union of Elevator Constructors “IEUC”.