Does your committee or council have an event, virtual event or webinar planned? Yay! Thank you for contributing to the association!

We have a process outlined so everyone knows who does what. Overall, there are two key people in this process:

  • the NWiR member who is the producer/point person for the event
  • Civica staff, generally Tanya

The process starts with a discussion starts on date and content within the events committee, education committee, sponsorship committee, or other. As soon as possible, the producer/point person needs to add the event to the website calendar even if there is only a title and date. The website calendar serves as our events tracking document.

  1. Start here for an overview of the Marketing & Communications Process for webinars and events; in other words … what do you need to do and who does what!
  2. Fill out this short form to notify the office and executive committee of your upcoming event/webinar (and request a Zoom or GoToMeeting link if applicable).
  3. Please add the webinar/event to the calendar (the office doesn’t do this) as soon as you have a title and date so that another event doesn’t get scheduled too closely. Instructions here.
  4. Submit details on the event to the Communications Submissions form. It will be posted on the blog, newsletter and into the social media queue.

In case you need it …

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