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February 1st at 7:45am local time


This session introduces elements of diversity, equity and inclusion as a leadership skill and builds the case for the benefits of an inclusive workplace as a way to improve employee recruitment and retention. This session will be appropriate for managers, leaders, crew members or anyone working with a team.

DEI is a hot topic these days, but some business leaders and diversity advocates are promoting a version that is far too simple. Just increasing the numbers of traditionally underrepresented people in your company does not automatically produce benefits. Instead, leaders need to:

  • Quit making vague statements and take concrete steps that work
  • Understand that success means more than just the square feet of roof installed
  • Think in a different way about what matters to their employees

This presentation will touch on the WHY of DEI but will focus on the HOW and WHO that roofing contractors can implement to create an inclusive culture that has benefits for employee recruitment and retention. The presentation will be supplemented with practical information and examples by 4-6 NRCA contractor members. Through this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion and the benefits of DEI in the workplace
  • Review tools to become a better leader by developing a mindset that balances the hard work and experience of the traditional population of roofing contractors with the benefits of DEI principles
  • Learn how to access a custom toolkit type DEI education program being created by a non-profit organization that will be available at a low cost for the roofing industry

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February 1, 2022

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