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The calendar events for a particular council need to show up on the website calendar as well as on the council webpage. I don’t know how this used to work, but my assumption is that it is the author/user field that tied these items together.

On the calendar page

Remove the filter box on the left hand side
remove the time from the events

When you view the event
It should read Title: Council or Committee Name

On the Event Template Form where the Council Leader will enter information
Change the red text box to read: “Do not add council name, date, time, etc. in the title. Just the name of the meeting or event.”
take out the organizer option
Take out the yost SEO
Move the author box up higher and add some text so that it says (make sure you see your council name in this box)
Add a text box to the right of the ISO currency code that says “CAD or USD”
Comments – Set the default to uncheck comments and check trackbacks and pingbacks

On the right hand side: change the event categories so that it is only the four pillars plus
Regional or National Conference
Council Meeting or Event
Industry Colleague Event

Remove the event options, or make it only available to administrator status

Make the boxes on the right hand side go in this order from top to bottom: Publish, Featured Image, Event Categories, Tags


January 1, 2023
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm MST



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