Elite was founded in 2013 to provide opportunities for driven, hardworking people who, when enabled to make decisions, will wow customers with their can-do attitude and commitment to superior service. We are committed to remaining independent, as evidenced by the transition between Elite’s founder, Brian Torry and his daughter, Sarah Weiss. Elite has only begun its journey to bring independent distribution with inspired local leaders to markets nationwide.

In 7 years, Elite has opened 17 branches spread across Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico and Texas, with more on the way! At Elite, the right manager does not require a degree or experience in managing a branch. However, all Elite managers have three things in common:

1. They are driven to win and so are their teams
2. They care about their teams and our reputation
3. They are invested in contributing to their local communities

Our managers and salespeople thrive on chaos and solving the 4D chess puzzles that are thrown at them each day. Elite remains 50% residential and 50% commercial, but all of our managers live and breathe sales no matter which specialty they prefer.

At Elite, our name is our people – we are the local roofing experts, the ones who get the level of flexibility needed to take care of our customers. We stay late, come in early, and always go above and beyond. We know time is valuable, so we jump hurdles and remove the red tape, all to get to a “yes” for our customer.

At Elite, we prioritize our employees, as our employees are the people who make the magic happen. We offer a great 401k plan, provide school supplies and new backpacks for all Elite kids each year, celebrate our successes and promote opportunities for growth. At the end of the day, everything else falls in line when our employees are taken care of.

We are proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of National Women in Roofing and encourage all eligible employees to join the organization. At Elite, we want to see the right people in the right seats, regardless of gender or race. We want to see the current barriers keeping certain groups of people from sitting at the leadership table, dissipate. In fact, our CEO & President, Sarah Weiss, became an active member, both nationally and in our local Arizona Council, at NWIR’s inception because of our commitment to bringing great talent into Elite’s organization regardless of gender, educational background or race. If you are Elite, we want you on board.

“I believe NWIR is making a difference in the level of participation and engagement of women throughout the industry,” said Sarah Weiss, CEO & President, “Women have played an integral role in the industry for a long time, just not always in outward-facing leadership roles. That will continue to evolve as women are given opportunities for growth within organizations and work to solve the problems customers and companies are facing. This is a wonderful industry and NWIR is helping to provide mentorship, education and friendships to support companies and women alike in finding the path toward playing more prominent leadership roles in all areas of the business.”

Our people mean everything to us and like so many other businesses, we are always looking for opportunities like our partnership with NWIR, to provide our employees with an avenue to learn from other successful people. At Elite, one of our core values is Be Better than Yesterday and for us, that means each day we strive to be just a little better than the day before. Changes within ourselves and the industry don’t happen overnight, but taking small steps each day toward improving ourselves as individuals and organizations will create a lasting impact on thousands of lives in the future, and it will help us attract the next generation of workforce that we will need in the coming years.