Written by Kandi Hamble and Anna Anderson

Art Unlimited has been partnering with great roofers across the United States to showcase their personality and win new customers. As specialists in digital and traditional marketing for the roofing industry, our team is continually on the lookout for new ways to use marketing tools for the good of our clients – and theirs.

We have seen over the years the value in representing great companies and helping them achieve their goals. Additionally, we see how desperately workers are needed in the roofing industry right now. Showcasing the amazing opportunities available starts with you. The company owner, the managers, the crews. As a wise person once said, “You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you.”

Where to start? Each company has a personality, a distinctive character. How are you sharing yours? We believe that making your company’s personality evident is the best way to draw more people, and especially women, into the roofing trade. Here are three ways to be a trailblazer for the roofing industry.

Share Your Core Values

Your core values work as a beacon for not only for customers but also for employees. They should answer these three questions:

  1. How should they expect to be treated? Each person has expectations of how they want to be treated. They will look to see if your values align with theirs. Your actions should reflect your words.
  2. How are you involved in your local community? Consider what value do you add aside from creating jobs. Is your company seen in the community as people who help?
  3. Are you consistent in living your core values? From online presence to in-person interactions, consistency in all you do is critical. This is what will draw new employees to you – and keep them there.

Some core value ideas are:

  • Family
  • Create Raving Fans
  • Pride of Accomplishment 
  • Team Players
  • Positive

Be Community-Minded

Giving back to the community gets other people in your community involved. When your team enjoys working for you, they’ll tell others. Being community-minded helps everyone. Your community becomes stronger. Your team becomes closer. Your company personality shines and helps solidify your brand.

Some places to get involved include:

Personality Plus

Defining a company’s personality can be as simple as answering these questions:

  • What is it like for women to work at your company? Is the work environment respectful? Are there women in leadership positions?
  • Do you have consistent hours, fair compensation, and equality? How flexible are work hours? Do you have paid time off? Is there a reasonable work/life balance?
  • Do you provide the resources needed for completing jobs?
  • Do employees know what to expect when they start their first day of work? Do you offer professional development opportunities?
  • Do job seekers have a good idea of what they will encounter when they apply for a job?

Once you have those answers, these questions will help you further define and back up your personality:

  • Do you treat each employee fairly and with respect?
  • Do you publicly appreciate and privately instruct on improvements?
  • Do you take responsibility for mistakes and work to make them right?


All of these things must be backed up with action. They go hand-in-hand with each other to form a company people are proud to work for. Change starts with the owners and managers and filters down to the team.

Core values are nothing but words when you don’t live and breathe them with every interaction. They form the base of your company personality and will help you know how to serve your community.

Here are some final actions you can take:

  • Define core values & promote them
  • Select an award you want to receive
  • Add awards & certifications to website
  • Career content on the website must be bilingual
  • Plan fun employee team building activities

To be a trailblazer in your industry, core values, community involvement, and showcasing your company personality will help you go far. When you need help to expand even further, you need an expert marketing guide to help you navigate the ever-changing marketing world. We understand the pressures to make the right choices – and how the many options can leave you feeling overwhelmed at times. For over 35 years Art Unlimited has helped hundreds of clients navigate marketing success from border to border and coast to coast in competitive industries. Connect with us today to start collaborating on your future success.