The Center for Construction Research and Training offers a webinar in Spanish about organizing events focused on fall prevention and properly using personal fall-protection systems. The webinar, “OSHA-NIOSH-CPWR Evento de la Campaña Nacional de Prevención de Caídas: Uso adecuado de los sistemas personales de protección contra caídas,” is available on their website.

Falls are the leading cause of construction work-related death, and the ninth annual National Safety Stand-Down will be May 2-6 to raise awareness among employers and workers about the hazards of falls in the construction industry.

During the hour-long webinar, participants will learn how to organize or attend events focused on fall prevention, as well as training in the proper use of personal fall-protection systems, including harness size, anchor selection and measures to take if a worker is suspended with the personal fall-protection system activated.

Share information about the webinar with your Spanish-speaking employees and encourage them to register.