Councils are required to complete this form by May 1 and November 1 of each year.

Council Semi-Annual Reporting

Please use the formal and full name of your council as written on the Councils page on the website. It should be written as Statename - Councilname. For example New Jersey - Northern New Jersey or Texas - Dallas Fort Worth
Include the chair, co-chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, communications, education, membership, etc. It's totally fine if you have three leaders or eight leaders, we just want to make sure we have an accurate list of people involved.
For example, if you had a networking and mentoring session at a bar in August, a holiday party in December, an education session in February, and a zoom presentation in March then that would be four events. Do not include any board meetings in this number. If you are having a hard time getting going and haven't held any events - that is okay too! Just enter 0.
For example, if one event had 8 attendees and another event had 22 attendees, then you would write the range as 8-22.

Thank you! - Be sure to click the Submit button below.

Our goal is to make sure that we maintain an accurate email list of council leaders and to ensure proper reporting in our annual report on the number of active councils.