Resources for Council Leaders 2024

The list below is comprised of various documents and policies that council leaders will need in the course of running their councils.

NWIR Board Members and Councils Committee Leaders – Wendy Lucas, sits on the NWIR Board of Directors and provide primary leadership for the Councils and Council Leaders. If you have a conflict between members, a safety or security concern, or another sensitive issue, then please contact Wendy first at

Most general questions and discussions should be posted in the Community’s Council Leaders Group Newsfeed

NWIR Staff – Tanya Arroyo is the primary staff contact for council leaders on administrative, operational, and logistical issues. You may reach her at and please anticipate that it may take her 1-2 days to reply to your email if it is not an emergency. If there is an issue of member impropriety that you are not comfortable bringing to the council chairs, please contact Katie Bodiford, NWIR Executive Director, at

All Council Leaders Call – A representative from each Council is kindly requested to join the “All Council Leaders Call” which is generally held once a month for all the leaders of the Councils to receive updates from the National office and discuss membership recruitment, education ideas, and content for upcoming meetings. This call is held on the second Wednesday of every month at 3pm eastern time. All council leaders are requested to participate; the link and call-in number to join is

Registration as a council leader –  

    • To add or update your Council leader member status, please click here. Your membership to NWiR must be current in order to complete this form. If it is not, please renew your membership first.
    • To remove yourself as a Council member from the communications/distribution list, please click here.
    • Note: You are not able to add or remove colleagues as Council leaders. Please direct your colleagues to this web page to update their status.
      If you need help logging in, please call 205-303-9465. If needed, leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.


  • If you have questions or need assistance with a social media post please reach out to Kim Reichert at





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