Council Leadership

  • Chair: Amanda Gay
  • Treasurer: Christie Coston
  • Additional Chairs:

    Communications Team - Tara Cole, Kelli Anderson, Vivian-Rose Reliz
    Membership - Christina Smith
    Community Service - Dawn Holsinger, Bridget Jenkins Wilson

Tampa Council - 2022

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…

for the Tampa Council! (thanks Bublé)

This past Wednesday, the Tampa Council board met with several of our members to discuss our leadership transition for 2022-2023, an impact plan for our community, and a fantastic brainstorming session on meeting topics as well as activities and locations.  We’re all very excited to be on the tail-end of this unprecedented ‘covid lockdown’, where the new-normal was anything but.

We want to welcome our newest board members, and thank our returning chair holders. Without you, the council wouldn’t exist, we are grateful for you!   New members Jordan Carter (Co-Chair) and Amanda Gay (Community), we look forward to seeing what new perspective you bring to the group as well as your energy and experience.  Christina Smith (Chair), thank you for your passion for NWiR. You are such a positive and encouraging force that we are lucky to have as our Chair/President for yet another year.  Jordan, you are in good hands as our Co-Chair!  Other returning board members include Dawn Holsinger (past Chair, current Communications), Kelli Anderson (past Co-Chair, current Social Media), Tara Cole (past and current Communications), Susan Jenkins (past and current Recruitment), Christie Coston (past and current Treasurer), and Bridget Jenkins Wilson (past and present Mentoring).

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and National Council page for all of our upcoming events this year, we have everything from manufacturing plant tours, to a ‘Self-Care September’ spa day that you don’t want to miss!

Please check the events calendar for all of our upcoming events, we would love to see you.




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