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  • Chair: Katie Ostreko (West Michigan) & Shannon Carnes (East Michigan)

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Hi everyone!

As we close out the first year of the Michigan Women in Roofing Council in 2023, it was a time to look at what worked and what we could do better.  Shannon and I had email conversations about ways we can improve the experience, connection, and opportunities to participate.

Starting in 2024, we’re going to split the state into East Michigan Council events headed by Shannon and the West Michigan Council events headed by Katie.  Each quarter we will work to have an events on each side of the state.  As always, everyone is welcome to attend any event where they have an interest, but our hope is that by having events for each region, we can improve the experience and increase our attendance.


Join us on Wednesday November 8th from 4 – 7.

Chance to meet up and celebrate the end of 2024 with good food and great conversations.

If you want to join our list for future events, please reach out to Katie or Shannon.


Great conversation with Amande Veinott and Sarah Lechowich about what it’s like to be a women-owned roofing company.

Here are a couple of highlights from the discussion:
1. There is a lot of support for women in roofing and a great community.
2. Entrepreneurs take risks and are wired differently to embrace it.
3. Women belong in the industry and always have.
4. There’s a lot of money to be made in the roofing industry.
5. Being professional, responsive, and creative makes a huge difference.

If you want to join our list for future events, please reach out to Katie or Shannon.



Join us Thursday July 27th at 4pm to hear Amanda’s and Sarah’s amazing stories!

Connect with Katie Ostreko or Shannon Carnes for more details


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Shingle Social Wednesday May 3rd

Thanks to CertainTeed for sponsoring our event and the team at Lumbermen’s who set up the event, organized the training and roof demo for the team to get hand’s on installing shingles.


Successful Kick Off Happy Hour & Leading in the New Normal Presentation

January Happy Hour Event


Welcome to the Michigan Council of the National Women in Roofing organization!

Kick Off Meet & Greet Meeting: October 13, 2022



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