Attitude of Gratitude

The NWIR Oregon Council is excited to share a fundraising opportunity with the Associated Roofing Contractors of Oregon and SW Washington. Please see attached flyer for additional information. 30 Days of Gratitude Giving Box has the objective to collect food boxes that we will share with 2-3 worthy non-profit local organizations and distribute the week before Thanksgiving (names of organizations to be determined). This is a great opportunity to involve yourself, coworkers and family members in contributing to our community in a meaningful way!

Here’s how it works: For 30 days add the items on the attached list to a box. Feel free to add items, switch out, or add your own special touch. These boxes are intended to be approximately $25.00. You can add items such as brand-new warm socks or gloves, other perishable food items, basic toiletries, etc.

Our goal is for each NWIR member to gather a minimum of 10 boxes from their workplace for a goal of 100-200 boxes. If the ARC joins us, the possibilities are endless!

What if you don’t have time to shop? Not a problem! Feel free to make a monetary contribution instead or reach out to one of your NWIR members for help with your donation boxes. Each donation box is valued at approximately $25.00 so 10 boxes equals $250.00. Please make checks payable to Associated Roofing Contractors. Or, you can deliver your boxes to 1 of the 3 local charities’ yourself the week before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your participation and partnering with National Women in Roofing!

30 Days of Gratitude giving box


Operation Christmas Magic

The Oregon Council of National Women in Roofing and the Associated Roofing Contractors of Oregon and Southwest Washington are joining forces to provide Christmas gift cards to the children at Margaret Scott Elementary School, located in NE Portland, this year. Our groups have already raised over $12,000 for the school! We’re looking forward to bringing some Christmas magic to all of these families.

In the past, the Oregon NWIR team has donated toys, clothing, blankets, and other home goods to the families at Margaret Scott and other schools in the Reynolds School District through Operation Christmas Magic. Parents used to be able to come into the school a few days before Christmas, select items for each of their children under the age of 18, wrap the gifts onsite and bring them home in time for Christmas. For many of the families, our donations were their children’s only Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, due to new Covid regulations, parents will no longer be able to come into the school and select items for their children. As a result, the school is planning to give out gift cards this year, instead. This is where our teams came in!

Click here to see flyer and more details


We foresee NWIR Community Service committees throughout the country affiliated with our Councils, from contractor associations and roof consultants, to manufacturers and distributors and anywhere women network and grow in our industry. NWIR is guided by a strong framework of bylaws, processes and procedures that are designed to ensure implementation through our four Pillars: Mentoring, Education, Networking, and Recruitment. The Community Service Committee views each of these pillars as instrumental in reaching our goals. NWIR councils are encouraged to participate in community outreach in their local community. Community service and philanthropy is of great importance to many companies and our industry. Follow this link to view our Annual Report with information regarding community service: Click Here

The community service committee has prepared a toolkit for use by councils, companies and other NWIR related organizations.