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Roofer Profiles

Families of Women in Roofing

Normally, when people think of the roofing or construction industries, they do not necessarily picture women as playing an essential part of those businesses.  And, while the stigma of being a woman in a “man’s industry” has started to wear off, most people would  not think of generations of women being in this industry.  When I first started working in commercial roofing I was pretty sure I would be surrounded by mostly men, and that was [...]

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Rooftop Renegade

The status quo wouldn’t prepare you for some of the amazing women we have right here in this group. During the late 80’s and 90’s, women began to break barriers in roofing. One woman who deserves the title of a rooftop renegade is Cindy Paquet of Jacksonville, Florida.  With a Bachelor’s degree in sports medicine from Stetson University, Cindy loved anything that would further her physical physique and challenge her body. Once a competitive body builder, [...]

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