The commercial roofing industry is becoming more complex than ever before due to the current challenges of labor and raw material shortages, material selection changes, regulations, and environmental responsibility. Construction professionals are installing challenging roofing and waterproofing systems every day. To combat some of these challenges, Carlisle Construction Materials invested in a brand-new, state-of-the-art Training & Education Center in Carlisle, PA, to provide more educational opportunities to the construction industry.

As material supply challenges continue, take this time to focus on how you can grow your roofing and waterproofing knowledge.

Since the opening of the new CCM Training & Education Center in the spring of 2018, Carlisle has built a comprehensive in-person training program. A wide range of 100-500 level classes are available covering topics such as EPDM, TPO PVC, fleece-backed membranes, urethane adhesives, and more.

The ability to conduct interactive virtual training has greatly increased Carlisle’s training capabilities, allowing for additional training opportunities across the industry.

With the need to offer virtual training options due to the COVID pandemic, CCM furnished the Training & Education Center with brand-new equipment. High-quality cameras can zoom in to demonstrations to show fine details. This enables the team to give learners a front row seat to demonstrations while having two-way communication with the instructors.

Virtual training classes are custom-built to meet the needs of contractors looking for continuing education for their employees. Multiple benefits have come from this equipment investment. One benefit is regularly scheduled training sessions to keep our field employees connected with product and installation changes, which has been a challenge in the past.

Additional training content is under development which will educate installers on the right projects for coating restoration, features and benefits of coating products, and proper repair and application techniques.

With this advancement, we have a much further reach in bringing training to you, our customers. Virtual interactive classes are a safe and effective way to expand your knowledge. Contact Carlisle for training at