Due to the current challenges of labor shortages, material selection changes, regulations, and environmental responsibility, the commercial roofing industry is becoming more complex than ever before; construction professionals are installing challenging roofing and waterproofing systems every day. In the wake of these industry challenges, Carlisle Construction Materials invested in a brand new, state-of-the-art training and education facility in Carlisle, PA, to be in a better position to provide educational opportunities to the construction industry.

The company’s goal was to create an environment where people new to the industry, as well as seasoned veterans, can receive high-quality education. Ariel Andrejev, Carlisle’s National Technical Training Manager, was tasked with implementing an expansive new training program that includes 100- to 500-level courses. Carlisle now offers a wide range of classes on topics ranging from basic product knowledge to in-depth design and specification information. All trainings are designed to help individuals prepare for and foster a successful career in the commercial roofing industry.

The idea to implement this new program was driven by the realization that Carlisle’s training classes were targeting a small group of people who were authorized to install Carlisle products. “We identified a gap between the programs we were offering and the fact that our industry has people of all experience levels. Newcomers need to understand the basics, like common industry terminology, while more experienced individuals are interested in advanced systems, design concepts, and industry challenges,” Ariel said.

She continues, “The industry changes every day and we need to provide programs to not only educate but also to get people excited about a career in commercial roofing. This kind of continuing education is relatively new to the industry – we can now provide opportunities for individuals to master their trade.”
When asked about the importance of continuing education, Ariel says, “The labor shortage in our industry opens the doors for motivated people to learn a valuable trade that is often overlooked. Being knowledgeable and credible is extremely valuable in the roofing world.”

For more information about Carlisle’s training program, check out this video of PA State Representative Barb Gleim interviewing Janial Mack, Carlisle’s National Manager of Consulting Services, at the CCM Training & Education Center. Watch Janial and Barb discuss Carlisle’s training facilities and classes and the opportunities that are available to young professionals looking to break into the industry.