In June of this year, Krumm Exteriors participated in a new home construction located in Western
Wisconsin.  The build is part of the St. Croix chapter of Habitat for Humanity, which has
many volunteers from neighboring communities, like Hudson and River Falls.  There were
approximately half a dozen Krumm Exteriors employees in attendance that day
volunteering. This included work on the outside of the home which will be occupied by a single mother
and her children.  When I spoke to the Volunteer Coordinator, he expressed that affordable
housing is a concern with how fast our geographic area is growing.  Krumm Exteriors is
hoping to be a part of the solution.

Krumm Exteriors is a female-owned roofing contractor serving Western WI, and the Eastern
MN area.  The company has been around for nearly 30 years, and long-time employee
Penny Austad (Owner) took over during the pandemic and hasn’t looked back!  Here’s what
Penny had to say about the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity, “We have the
best team! When Dave from Habitat for Humanity and I spoke, he asked if we would be
willing to teach some of the volunteers the tips and tricks of the trade without any hesitation
our team said, ‘Tell me when and where”. We are so grateful and honored to be asked to
help and for our team to be so willing to answer the call.”  Krumm Exteriors prioritizes
community involvement as part of our purpose.