With the holidays upon us, the DEI committee would like to bring attention to what the holidays may look like for some of our friends and family throughout the industry. The holidays are full of family, laughter, cheer, and good food. This isn’t always the case. Let’s look around us and be aware of the people that we interact with daily. Guaranteed there is someone, in your circle, that will spend the holiday season alone. Whether this be out of fear, distance, or a relationship that family doesn’t agree with, let’s do our part and make sure every seat is filled at our tables. If you can bring holiday cheer to anyone that won’t have it, you’ve done good in this world.
Let us also remember that not all of our brothers and sisters celebrate the same holidays. Make space for these events as leaders. Cherish their beliefs as your own and allow their celebrations to be held without worry of pay or time.
Besides looking to your direct circle of friends, family, and co-workers, other avenues that can be taken as a call to action can be to reach out to your local shelters to lend a hand, such as working in a soup kitchen to help serve the homeless population. If possible, find a way to incorporate your children. Reach out to your local non profits to see how you can be of service with less fortunate members who may need sponsoring this holiday season for food, bills, or toys for their children. Check on your local women’s shelters and Veteran Hospitals to see if there are Vets you can sponsor that don’t have families. We know it is hard during the age of COVID-19 to volunteer like we may have done in the past, but the important thing is to reach out and try to find out how you can help. As always, we thank each one of you for your support and the impact you are trying to bring to the industry. May you and your families, however they may look, have a very happy holiday season and may the 2023 year bring you much more happiness, health, and love.
Please remember to register for NWIR day and to get excited for the upcoming day 2 DEI events. We are looking forward to this year and the topics we will be discussing. The release of this year’s book will happen in January. We cannot wait to share these two days with all of you as we continue to be powerful women within the industry.