Update from the Books & Bubbly Book Club:

The NWIR book club just wrapped up the first book reading, closing out 2020 with a successful launch of a collaborative effort between NWIR & WIRE. Our first book selection; Untamed by Glennon Doyle was broken into two discussions. The first book club meeting was November 12, 2020 and the final meeting was on December 20, 2020. Both calls were co-hosted by Stephanie Davis from WIRE and Maureen Greeves.

What’s next for the book club? With 170 active members on the Bookclubz app we are looking forward to our next book club meeting to discuss our 2nd book. You can be part of the decision making process! Just log into the Bookclubz app and review our Poll on Book #2. Whether you are an avid reader or just trying to make it through a book or two a year, we have a spot for you! See you on our next book club call.

Upcoming Events and Activities:

The first Education Committee meeting will take place on January 13th at 4pm eastern time. For more information about the Education Committee, please contact us at: education@nationalwomeninroofing.org

Join us on January 14th for a look at the 2020 Annual Report. Ellen Thorp, Executive Director of NWiR will present the 2020 Report of the association and also touch on the association’s goals and priorities for 2021. This webinar will take place at 1pm eastern time. Registration info coming soon.