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NRCA: Diversity + Inclusion: Understanding How Bias Can Affect Your Business Webinar

June 4, 2021 - 12 PM CDT Price: FREE to all roofing industry professionals This highly interactive training session will help you identify personal barriers, uncover biases, and provide insights into attitudes and opinions that can significantly affect your company’s business operations. You also will learn about psychological and sociological processes that will help improve your understanding of how bias can affect your workplace. Dr. Dennis A. Davis, Ph.D., a nationally recognized expert in cultural diversity, [...]

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MAY – Let’s Go Green!!! (After those April Showers)

We have some educational opportunities for everyone. Whether you want to earn continuing education credits, or just want to learn, have we got a great line-up for you! Do you know what a green roof is? What about living walls? Maybe you've heard about a "Live Roof", but you were afraid to ask what it is. Here's your chance to learn about all of these. Check out our amazing "Green May" schedule: NWiR Education Committee and [...]

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Supply Chain Shortage Information

from the NRCA website: The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the roofing industry in numerous ways, including leading to a widespread shortage of materials. The prices for materials have been increasing, and supply chains have been disrupted as lockdowns, tariffs and other factors cause delays and limited availability. In response, NRCA has made available a Supply Chain Shortage Information webpage to help its members stay up to date with the latest news regarding materials shortages and price hikes [...]

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From Roofing Contractor: How Millennial Women Can Reshape the Roofing Industry

Several NWiR members and Executive Director Ellen Thorp were recently featured in Roofing Contractor in an article by Chris Gray about the influence of millennial women. "The latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 57.4% of all women participated in the labor force in 2019, but were underrepresented (relative to their share of total employment) in construction at 10.3%. Thanks to advocacy groups like National Women in Roofing (NWiR), these women are banding [...]

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Mental Health Matters

The theme of this series, Unmask Mental Health, aims to destigmatize the mental health challenges and issues we all may face. Through candid conversations, we discuss topics such as anxiety, managing pandemic fear for parents and children, resilience, and more. NWiR’s goal is to provide tools and guidance when it comes to dealing with these sensitive topics.  All seven of the Mental Health Matters webinar series are available to members and non-members on a special page [...]

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Industry Colleagues

NWiR is so fortunate to be supported by other not-for-profit associations, non-governmental organizations, and business coalitions. We seek these colleagues both in and outside the roofing industry, in adjacent industries, those that represent women in male-dominated fields and those that we have issues in common with.  We add a few organizations to this list every year, so please feel free to reach out through our contact page if we have resources to offer each other’s members. [...]

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Roofing Is: Connection

In early 2021, knowing that we might not be able to hold our fourth annual NWiR Day in the spring, the Executive Committee started looking into a program that would deliver valuable content to members and offer the opportunity for our Diamond Sponsors to engage with the NWiR membership. Our Diamond Sponsors provide significant financial support to the association, support their employees being active members and holding leadership roles, and they walk the walk when it [...]

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Attn: Solar Installers – NRP is Your Best Partner for Commercial Roof Readiness

Don't let roof problems become YOUR problem! We ensure a commercial roof is ready for your installation or service project and maintains roof manufacturers' warranties. Commercial Roof Services for Solar Installers include: ✔Pre & Post Install Roof Inspections ✔Roof Remediation & Repair ✔Penetrating Mounts Installed We also distribute the following Solar Readiness products: Slip Sheets • Ballast Blocks • Solar Mounts • Conduit Supports

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First hybrid council meeting in Oregon was a success!

The Oregon Council decided to offer a hybrid version for their April meeting last month. The meeting had one of the highest levels of participation since the start of the pandemic last year. Allowing folks to choose whether they preferred to attend a meeting in person, or in the comfort of their home or office, opened up the pool for more attendees. The council brought in Safety NW to discuss developing or enhancing a safety program [...]

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