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Keeping it Cool: Using Cool Roofs to Combat Heat Islands and Save Energy

This presentation will provide an overview of how cool roofs work to keep individuals, neighborhoods, and cities cooler while producing a multitude of other benefits including how these materials are evaluated and labeled, and how third-party product ratings support the implementation of policies and programs that require or promote the use of these materials as strategies for reducing building energy use and mitigating urban heat islands. ZOOM REGISTRATION: Time: Jul 14, 2022, 03:00 PM Eastern Time [...]

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Vanessa Williams Promoted to Director of Brands

Our Tennessee Council member, Vanessa Williams, has been promoted to Director of Brand at Rackley Roofing Company in Carthage, TN. She has joined a leadership seat in the company and is excelling tremendously in the industry. She currently sits on the mentorship committee at the national level. Her drive for learning has been inspiring for everyone in the TN Council and beyond. She is a great asset to NWiR and the Rackley Roofing teams.

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Career Stories & Guidance

Ever wonder how women become successful in our industry? Come join the Mentoring Committee on August 27, 2022, at 6:00 PM ET for a panel discussion to learn about some of our industry leaders. Here are a few of the topics that will be discussed, their career story, how they got there, mistakes made, and leadership lessons/guidance Register here:

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Call to Action: Volunteers Needed in Northeast Ohio

One of our own NWiR members has stepped forward to replicate the Let’s Build Construction Camp for Girls powered by the CSI Foundation, with a new location in Northeast Ohio. Shelly Higgins of NWiR and S-5 Metals is spearheading the project which involves many moving parts and pieces and NWiR is a proud sponsor of the camp. The camp will be held in Northeast Ohio using Mahoning County Career & Technical Center (MCCTC) as a base [...]

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Casey Troxclair of KPost Promoted to Contract Manager

Congratulations to Casey Troxclair on her promotion to Contract Manager at KPost Roofing & Waterproofing. Casey started with KPost in 2016 as a Project Administrator, in 2020 added on the position of Executive Assistant to the COO, and now Contract Manager. Prior to working at KPost, Casey worked in construction for 14 years at Potter Concrete on the operations side as their Project Coordinator. Casey has been a member of the Dallas council since 2016. She [...]

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Construction Camps for Girls and Young Women

Some really cool summer camps are popping up across the country for girls. Usually geared towards young women between the ages of 8-18 or so, these camps focus on various areas of construction skills and many of them include a roofing component. Oregon has the Girls Build summer camp series where girls attend for a week at a time and have four 80-minute workshops per day. Offered several times during the summer at various locations, they [...]

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Oregon Supports Good Neighbor Center

ABC Roofing volunteered to donate the labor and materials necessary to complete a new laundry room addition at the Good Neighbor Center in Tigard, Oregon. The Center provides shelter and resources for families experiencing housing insecurity – from food and clothing, to cleaning supplies and furniture. When the Home Builders Foundation solicited National Women in Roofing’s Oregon Council for contractors willing to assist, ABC stepped up to the challenge. The project consisted of 3-squares of built-up [...]

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A New Gathering Place for NWiR Members

People who work for associations, like NWiR, NRCA, or IIBEC are in the profession of association management. We have professional associations for ourselves too: people like Alison LaValley, Brian Pallasch and myself belong to an association for association executives where we have colleagues who work for associations, we have community bulletin boards where we discuss hundreds of association issues, and we also have professional development and certifiations. One of the hot topics over the past few [...]

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Moxy: The Voice of Women in Infrastructure

We are so fortunate at NWiR to have the support of several media outlets and educational resources on the interwebs that are focused on roofing and the broader construction industry. I recently had the chance to learn about a new resource that is of interest to NWiR members: Moxy. Moxy was founded by two women from the asphalt industry (which coincidentally has a lot of similarities to the roofing industry) and is a website full of [...]

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