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Cool Roofs by Orion Doscher

Everyone loves the summertime…except for when it gets too hot! It is no secret that summer in the city feels hotter— that’s because it is! Urban landscapes do not naturally dissipate heat, provide cooling shade, or exhale oxygen like the forests that stood there before. Buildings and roads absorb solar radiation during the day, and re-emit the solar energy as heat which raises the surrounding air temperature. In addition, cities produce more heat waste through active [...]

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Let’s Talk Investments

Join NWiR NYC Council, and experience our guest speaker Erin Hoffman, a financial Advisor at Certified Financial Services, providing us with educational and empowerment financial wellness from a holistic approach. Topics will include:-Protection strategies-Cash flow analysis-Budgeting-Diversifying investments Date: June 9th, 2022Time: 4-5 PM ETVirtual Event!We look forward to your participation!

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