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Q1 Education Committee Update

We started the year by embracing our differences! Our first webinar, held with our Alliance Partner, RCI, Inc., discussed the Advantages of a Multi-Generational Workforce. Senior Director of Technical Services, Wanda Edwards was joined by fellow RCI members, Julie McDonald, Branch Manager at Building Envelope Consulting, LLC and Stephenie Williams at WJE. Want to hear the conversation again? Click here for the recording. For the first time in history, five generations are working side by side, [...]

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Founding Sponsor TAMKO Deepens Relationship with National Women In Roofing as Diamond Sponsor

A woman-led company for more than 65 years, TAMKO increases support of national trade group whose goals focus on mentoring and connecting women in the male-dominated field of roofing. When Ethelmae Humphreys took the reins at TAMKO Building Products, Inc. in the early 1950s, she was probably the only female executive in the roofing industry. Thankfully, today, that’s no longer true. “The thought that I was in over my head must have entered my mind at [...]

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Roof Safety During Winter Weather

If you find yourself in an area that accumulates snow, how do you know if you are protecting yourself and your workers from potential accidents and injuries while working on a roof? The year 2011 saw a surge in numerous building failures in the northeastern part of the United States due to multiple major snow storms. Building codes are used by structural engineers to determine snow loads on roofs. They utilize the IBC (International Building Code) [...]

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Member Spotlight: Dawn Holsinger, Tampa Council

Dawn Holsinger, like most women in roofing, is a multi-faceted and fascinating woman. Her calm demeanor puts people at ease as she speaks confidently about her business and the roofing industry. One of her favorite quotes is “Hustle and Heart will set you apart” and she lives this daily.  She owns Delta Rep Group with Partners Wayne Heironimus and Justin Burnham. Delta Rep Group is a manufacturer’s rep covering the state of Florida for commercial roofing [...]

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Can We Do it All?

“Dinner’s ready, come to the table, please!” I holler to my family who is scattered throughout the house.  I’m pretty impressed with myself today; I finished work early enough to get home and cook a healthy balanced meal for my family, and now we are about to sit down, together, and enjoy it, and each other’s company.  Except we didn’t.  Our 4-year-old, Kyle made every attempt to avoid eating the same way our 11-year-old, Lucas avoided [...]

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National Women in Roofing Announces NWIR Day Scholarship Recipients

The scholarship will cover the costs for these first-time attendees to attend the second annual NWIR Day in Nashville. Denver, Colorado  - National Women in Roofing (NWIR), a national organization focused on the empowerment of women within the roofing industry, has announced the recipients of its first-ever NWIR Day scholarships. This pilot sponsorship program was designed to encourage first time attendees who work for a contractor to experience the benefits of professional development in the roofing [...]

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Changing the Perspective

It’s a pretty slow day at a local home show so when a man (let’s call him ‘Richard’) enters my families residential roofing contractor booth both myself and my husband at the time are available to talk to him. Unlike most of the tire kickers we’ve been talking to, Richard enters the booth with purpose, walks right up to us, and asks his first question, directly to my husband. I give him the benefit of the [...]

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National Women in Roofing Announces Affiliate Relationships with other Industry Associations

RCI, Inc. is the first association to become an affiliate with NWIR. Denver, Colorado (December 7, 2018) - National Women in Roofing (NWIR), a national organization focused on the empowerment of women within the roofing industry, has announced the establishment of affiliate relationships with other industry-related organizations/associations to identify areas of mutual interest, support, and cooperation. “As an industry, it is important that we all work together to advance each other’s efforts,” said Shari Carlozzi, NWIR Chair. “Our [...]

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Personal Protective Equipment

Ensuring that you and your employees are warm and safe while wearing proper PPE (personal protective equipment) is not an easy task.  In selecting PPE, there are certain third parties such as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) that certify equipment for efficacy.  Equipment without ANSI approval has not been tested as effective and is considered similar to a costume even if they still look the part. OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.28 sites compliance for the construction [...]

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Finding the Blend

It’s Saturday morning and I’m where I am every Saturday morning, at the hockey arena. I’m trying to watch my stepson's game while I also keep an eye on my toddler who is running around with his own mini hockey stick, but I’m distracted by a breakaway from the opposing team. I watch as the player and my stepson (the goalie) have a one on one showdown, which the goalie loses. “Good try, Lucas” I yell. [...]

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