This year NWiR Arizona Council donated a free roof to Avis Lopez. Avis was a social worker who quit her job to care for four siblings who were going to be split up because they couldn’t find a place who would take them. Due to the children’s nationality, they were stuck in the middle of politics and no subsidies were available. Frustrated with the system Avis decided to make a difference and with some help from coworkers and friends started Avis Angels. She has up to 17 kids with little help from the government.

The project was brought to us in January by Rebecca Hyman with Gryphon Roofing. The council voted and decided to take on the project. Avis needed a brand new roof, her shingles were delaminated and there had been a few leaks on both of her roof top air conditioning unit. IKO agreed to donate the shingles and Polyglass the peel n stick for the patio. Lyons Roofing was the first to volunteer to install the shingles, Hardacker Roofing jumped in second to tear it off. Then our council members took the ball and ran with it. Minnie at Elite Roofing Supply rounded up from the manufacturers the remaining materials that were needed and roof loaded them for us. JBS Roofing agreed to do all the woodwork and install the patio. ABC Supply roof loaded the IKO shingles and the Polyglass peel n stick for the patio. Bryan Hill with WRECorp (Western Roofing Evaluation Corp.) agreed to inspect the roof, create a scope and be the project coordinator between all of the roofing companies so that when issues came up we had a go to person.

We asked Avis to create an Amazon wish list where members could purchase items that she needed to run her house such as bath soap, towels, deodorant, toothpaste, laundry, and dish detergent. We planned a site visit and surprised Avis and the kids with Gorman Roofing services delivering a truckload of donations. Julie Hill with WRECorp and Minnie Robles with Elite delivered pizza’s for the family to enjoy lunch.

Although Avis was received a free roof it is the members of NWiR that received the biggest gift of all, the gift of giving. We all walked away knowing we helped a wonderful family who needed help.

NWiR AZ would like to acknowledge the following companies for their involvement and support:

Submitted by: Valorie Miller, JBS Roofing, Arizona Council