April is a month of celebration for many religions throughout the world. Luckily, as Americans we have many people from different religions around us on a daily basis. We are able to learn about the dynamics and cultures that revolve around these belief systems and find a further understanding of all walks of life. Religious difference is one of the most influential contributors to core seeded values that make up what is “us”, our population. This population consists of a melting pot of ideals and contributions to daily life.

A belief is something that is held onto strongly. It is your core, the very essence of influence to you as a person. Your religious beliefs, or lack thereof, have an immense impact on who you are and what you will do in every situation. Let us remember that all people believe in their belief as strongly as we do in our own. That does not make it wrong. It does not make it a boundary that cannot be discussed. It does not mean that one person has it all figured out and the other doesn’t. What it means is that there is an abundance of knowledge to be gained. There is a connection to be shared. There is a commonality of goodness.

This month, the DEI committee would like to celebrate some of these different celebrations as April brings so many. Our challenge to you is to research these holidays as they appear on your timelines. Find their meaning. Connect with someone that may comment on the post to learn more. With this knowledge, we can only grow as people to further understand our neighbors and friends. Together, with many identities and values, truly any and everything is possible.

Please also stay tuned for the Conversation with Rae July on So You Wanna Talk About Race , scheduled for April 6th at 4pm PST (7pm EST). The first conversation with this went so well we needed to do it again!

If you are interested in learning more or would like to attend a meeting, please reach out to Jess Cress (jesscressga@gmail.com), Rae July (rae@chinookroofing.com), or Mandy McIntyre (mandy@1stchoiceroofing.com).