Dear NWIR Members,

Although we are excited to share features of black women in roofing for Black History Month on social media, we want everyone to be aware of the challenge we faced as a committee. We had difficulty finding black women that weren’t already featured last year. This is a problem. And it’s our collective problem as women in roofing to question why. Why aren’t there more black women in NWIR? Why aren’t there more black women in the roofing industry?

NWIR serves to empower women in a male dominated industry. It was birthed to challenge the status quo and recognize that women are assets to the roofing industry, but minorities in the industry as well.

However, it’s time to level up. We need to expand that challenge to include the minority within the minority. This includes women of color, women who are Asian, Hispanic, Latina, Middle Eastern, Native American… women who are not white, straight, or cisgender.

We must do better to recognize that yes, being a woman in the roofing industry comes with unique challenges. However, it is vital to recognize there are marginalized women within our industry with even more unique challenges.

We feel it’s important to note there was not a NWIR social media post for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or MLK Day. We will take responsibility for this exclusion. But it’s important to question why these holidays were not recognized by NWIR collectively. So, we are asking for everyone’s help. We ask all committees and councils to start thinking outside the majority driven narrative.

The DEI committee issues a call to action. We must be more inclusive. We must question more and do more. Let’s start by celebrating black women in roofing for Black History Month! We urge everyone to read their words, honor their stories, and join us in celebration and solidarity!

Ladies, it’s time to take this to the next level. Who stands with us?


The DEI Committee