If you’re like most people, each new year brings about an opportunity for change. Everything is possible, and you’re sure this is “the year” as you plan and dream of success. However, without doing anything different, odds are you’ll get the same results as last year.

Fortunately, there are ways to end the year with success. Follow these seven suggestions for setting and keeping your 2023 resolutions that you made in January.

1. Aim for Success
The first step in any process involving change requires you to set goals. When choosing your objectives for 2023, make sure they’re:
• Challenging enough to increase your self-respect, yet doable, so you’re not attempting the impossible
• Measurable, letting you track and celebrate milestones
• Positive: attempting to do is more effective than trying not to do
Business example: Decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by X number of days
Personal example: Increase family togetherness time by one hour each week

2. Document Your Resolutions
Whether handwritten in a journal, typed into a laptop or saved on a phone, the physical act of recording your goals shows that you’re committed. Imagine it’s a personal contract between your current self and your future, better self. Refer to your resolutions often throughout the day and read them aloud if possible.

3. Invest in Yourself
For changes to occur, you need to invest in the resolutions, whether through money, time or sacrifice of another desire. For example, if it’s a business goal, you might need to purchase IT equipment or hire a marketing agency. Likewise, from a personal perspective, you may have to give up that daily latte and time on social media and instead visit your local gym.

4. Change Your Environment
Set up your workspace, home life and daily activities to make it easy to accomplish your goal. If you aim to be more organized, make sure everything you need to record business transactions is easily accessible, including file cabinets, scanners and copiers. Improve your eating habits by putting high-calorie items out of reach and placing pre-cut veggies front and center.

5. Become Fully Involved
Immerse yourself in your goal. You can follow blogs, online magazines or newspapers or listen to podcasts. Not only will you learn new strategies for accomplishing your objective, but you’ll begin to create a new identity for yourself. You’re not just trying to exercise more; you’re an active person who enjoys all aspects of fitness.

6. Find a Partner
As with anything in life, it helps to share triumphs and struggles. Telling an accountability partner about your resolution gives you more chance of success. They can:
• Encourage you when you’re feeling down
• Offer suggestions based on personal experiences
• Provide an unbiased point of view

7. Review and Assess
Just like metrics in your business, it’s important to review and track your progress regularly. Remember, that’s why you chose a measurable goal. Set aside a day each week (or month) to record results and update strategies. For best practices, divide your goal into smaller segments and assign deadlines to each one. That way, you’ll be able to celebrate small successes as you work toward victory.